SE Process Q & A #7

Question:Give your views about what is more important - the product or the process.

Answer: - A product may be defined as an output. A product can produce the good services. A process may be defined as an investment of time and efforts for getting a good product. Now the question arise that what is most important the process or product.

The answer of this question has the quality of variable because it is based on situations. The user targeted on product and developer has the focus on processing. When a user use any product then he don't know how it was formed. A good product is called in only that situation when it fulfills the purpose. Process is a base of every product, without process no any product can be built so with that reason it show that process plays a major role in getting a good product.

Product and process both are equally important if there is any error find in processing then it cannot get the right the right product. If we give the efforts and input improper way then it can give the surety that the product will be correct and reliable. In short a quality product can be getting through a process and the product quality shows the process quality of the product.