SE Process Q & A #6

Question:Define the blue print methodology.

Answer: - Most of the time blue print term is used in construction companies. A blue print may be defined as a paper which has information of design, technical drawing, documenting etc. on it. In the simple words we can say that blue print is a copy which has the plan of a building structure. Normally the detail of every plan is known as blue print. The output of the design efforts containing the following:

  • With the help of blue print we can get the information that how every parts related to each other.

  • Specification for any new pieces.

  • Definition for any new data.

Every software design has a goal that he provides a detail for the design which has all the information. With the help of that information a trusted system may be build. For getting the system design a systematically approach is used. We have two types of approaches.

  1. Functional oriented approach - In functional oriented design the design consists of module definition where each module supported a functional abstraction. Modularization is the base of functional oriented design. The decomposition is centered on the item identification of the large system functions and the elaboration in a top down manner. The processes in a system are decomposed in to components called module. The goal of the functional oriented design is to specific numbers of module could be developed, altered and reused on self-basis in the final program.

  2. Object oriented design approach - Object oriented methodology plays a major role in object oriented design when code planning made then the programmer have only object in this mind rather than procedure. For representing an entity an objects use an encapsulated data or procedures grouped together. By the interaction of these objects an object oriented program is described. For making the structure system classes and objects are used in object oriented design. It also uses a notation that expresses classes and objects referred to as logical decomposition as well as modules and processes which are referred to as physical decomposition. During the process of software design the major activity is to use four software design concepts.

    • Abstraction

    • Hiding information

    • Functional independence

    • Modularity

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