SE Process Q & A #5

Question:Write a short note on review process.


In the process of development of a project reviews plays a major role. Review can be treated as a task of pure verification. A review may be defined as a thought and feedback in concerned to a software project. These can be done by users, managers, customers and other person who are directly or indirectly related to this software.

Use and role in software development

Reviews are very important for the accuracy of the system. Reviews consist of the presentation of material to a review board. The role of reviews in software system is given below:

  1. Review is helpful in getting the faults in analysis, design and coding testing.

  2. Reviews by the experts give the surety that all actions which are done in the process are adjustable or not.

  3. Reviews make the projects more understandable.

  4. Reviews are the sources of knowledge for the junior engineers.

  5. With the help of reviews we get the surety that the software have all the necessary quality.

  6. With the help of reviews we can know that development process completed with according to given standard or not.

Implementation of reviews

topics and goals of the meeting in advance. When the product became ready, then developer informs the project leader. This meeting deciding the following points which are given below:

  1. The product needs alteration or not.

  2. With the little changes can a product be accepted.

  3. Reject the product.

After that a report is made which is called review reports and its cover following points.

  1. What was reviewed?

  2. Who gives the reviews?

  3. What were the findings?

  4. Conclusions.

Activities of reviews are following:

  • Walkthrough - During the process of walkthrough material checked and valuate by the reviews. This process has deep supervision that the material used have the quality for the expert's opinion. Getting the problem area is the objective of walkthrough .With the help of expert's problems are resolved and all of this discussed in a meeting. Important thoughts to get the benefits from walkthrough are following:

    1. A specific reason must be required for the walkthrough session.

    2. Every work step taken on the basis of schedule to check that all product are working.

    3. Error should be noted down and resolution must be done in walkthrough session.


    1. Error easily caught at the first level which reduces the wastage of time.

    2. It improves the communication and coordination of team which are working on project.

    3. With the help of other we can learn much more.

  • Inspection - In this step, a trained inspector required who can do better in inspection process. Inspection can be done on whole life cycle of software development and a better result can come out. According to Fagan

    Three separate Inspections are to be performed. One following design but priority is given to implementation. One following implementation but priority is given to unit testing and one is following unit testing.

    According to Fagan

    An inspection team consist four persons who play the role of moderate , designer, implementer and tester.

    During the process of design inspection some points might be covered.

    • Design should be complete

    • Regularity in definition

    • Correctness of the interfaces between modules.

    During the process of code inspection some points might be covered.

    • Nature of subprograms

    • Logic decision

    • Computational expressions

    • Statement of input and output

    • Flow of data

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