SE Process Q & A #3

Question:Explain the term Configuration management.

Answer: - Software configuration management, SCM is an activity which is used at every level and every part of the process of software Engineering. Every improvement takes the shape of better control. This is a discipline which controls betters and according to client need in software Engineering. With the help of this many types are changes which play an important role in software Engineering and development process.

In the simple way if we define the term configuration of management, this is the tool which makes better control, easy maintenance during the whole process of software development. With the help of software configuration management we can easily find out what modification and controlling required by the developer. SCM have the capacity to control all those effects which comes in software projects. The main objectives of SCM is increase the production by reduce the errors.

When a software development process start then SCM take change by identification, control, alteration, audit and etc. after that the output of total process provided to our customer. We can clarify the action of SCM as:

  1. Software configuration identification - Normally software is used in various kinds of programs and documentation and data related to each program is called configuration identification. With the help of C.I we can make a guide line which will be helpful in software development process, several time the requirement of guideline for check the document and design of software. Document related to SCM are the useful item, with the help of this we can make better control and take a basic unit for configuration.

  2. Software configuration control - This is the process of deciding with the help of this we make coordination between the changes which is necessary and apply them as per mentioned in guideline. Configuration control board gives the permission for any kind of change or modification which is necessary for the project. Many times CCB take advice of those members which are the part of software development process.

  3. Accounting status of Software configuration - The process of maintaining record of all data which is necessary for the software is called accounting status of software. It has all the data related to the old software to new software that what changes are done or required for the fulfillment of the customer need.

  4. Auditing of software configuration - Auditing of software configuration is may be defined as an art with the help of this we can understand that the required actions or changes are done by the developer or not. Some of the item involved in the process of verifying or auditing.

    • Function is properly performed by the software.

    • The process of documentation, data is completed or not.


    • With the help of SCM we can easily control all changes which are done in development process.

    • It gives the surety to check that changes are done on required area.

    • It is helpful to generate the new software with old components.

    • SCM has the capacity to explain everything about the process of software development.

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