SE Process Q & A #1


Question:Describe the components and quality which is necessary for the documents of software specification.

Answer: Software specification document may be defined as a set of those documents that have complete detail about the software just like functions of software, need of software, structure of design and its efficiency. A set of these valuable facts satisfied the software system. To reduce the gap between developer and user is the main objective of these documents. With the help of these document user and developer easily understand the need and expectation to this software system. Till time a client not gets the proper documentation regarding the software specification, he never thinks about that this software system is in favor or not. It satisfied the need of the user or not. Without a specified document it is not easy for any one that he can satisfy his customer that this software system complete their expectation.

A specified document regarding software have a lot of quality find which are defined below, with the help of these qualities a software system can achieve his goal.

  1. Completeness - The base of specified software system documents is to cover all points which satisfied the customer. In case if complete information not find in those document then a number of question raised against this and it will not be good for the developer and client. Both parties lose their trust from this. In short, a software satisfied documents describe all the points related to its function and performance.

  2. Accurate - 100% accuracy should be present when a software specification document present because it misguide the client if this report is not accurate.

  3. Understandable - Software specification document should not be confusing that means the vision or objective should be clear and understandable so that user can easily understand it and become satisfied with this report.

  4. Regularity - Regularity is also a main part of this document because every part or point covered step by step so that trust can be built in the favor of these documents.

  5. Alterable - Alteration quality also should be present in software specification document because need of client and software can be any time change. So for this change a large scope should be present in this document report.

  6. Followable - If the software specified document covered all point step by step then any one can easily understand it and checked it again at every level. In short cross check is easily done with this report.

  7. Valid - All document related to it should be valid by law, requirement and the client need.

Parts of software specification document

Every project has specific need. So there is no any idea present which can be used every time or every situation. So for the software specification document report have a lot of views to build it. But every report needs some guide line, with the help of these report completed otherwise it is not possible.

  1. Introduction - Introduction of any things contains some point which is necessary.

    • What is the objective of document?

    • Area of need

    • Covers the short point just like cost and schedule.

    • Ashort note about that product.

  2. General detail - This section of report covers the following points:

    • It covers those points which can affect the customer need and software.

    • To define the relation with other product and compared many times.

    • Details of functions which can be performed by the software.

    • Basic quality or features for the users.

    • For the benefit of customer objectives and needs provided.

  3. Functional need - During this step every function should be described clearly which is done by the software after input the data and getting the output. For performing any kind of action by this software we should define the things such as operation which is done by the software and what should be the required output from this.

  4. Nature of outside need - Under this point of specification of software document should be detailed all the possible nature of software and which kind of structure use. A complete detail should be available about the user manual, format and feedback for the software.

  5. Needs for performance - The detail of need related to the performance or action done by the software which plays a major role in the specification of document related to software. The action done by the software is in favor that's mean the quality of this software is good and according to standard which is decided by the client. Performance should be in that state which can be easily measurable. The area of performance are covered the points like time of response and expected time and etc.