SE Overview Q & A #3

Question:Explain the principles which play a major role in development of software.


Principles of software development

A set of rules which is made on the basis a number of observations done by user is called the principles of software development. We have described the software development principles which are given below:

  1. Quality on preference - Quality is the first objective of software development process. Because a low level of quality not accepted by the user or client. We have a lot of definitions about the quality product. According to customer he wants the best response on given time with a lot of capacity. The aim of developer should be make unique design software.

  2. Possibility of high quality software - Scope of higher quality is always there. For getting the high quality many techniques, design inspections on time and hired the best employee for this can be adopted.

  3. be on time delivery - The better way is to send the sample to the customer so that he can use that software and give feedback. On the basis of feedback developer can take charge and developed the software according to the need of customer.

  4. Fix the problem - Before getting any solution of problem fix the problem which cause is customer needs. After getting the problem we are trying to use alternate solution of that problem basis on time, cost and risk factor.

  5. Valuation of alternate design - When we know the need of customer then we observed much kind of algorithms and architectural so that with the help of them we can build the software. We select that alternate who have the quality of safety, alteration and more functional.

  6. Selection of appropriate process model - Software development process model have a large area of choice just like waterfall, prototype and spiral module are the suitable examples for this. But there is a fact that every process is not suitable or in favor every time. So on the bases of need of software, area of applications and most importantly risk factor should be sensible.

  7. Minimum gap between client and developer - According to famous Dijkestra intellectual gap may be describe, is the distance between the real world problem and the computerized solution to the problem. If the maintenance of the software is easy then the gap will be low. With the help of the object oriented design and jack system of development method we can find that the structure of software which will be near real world structure.

  8. Design for change - The techniques or method which is used in development process of software should have capacity of change.

  9. Reduce tricks - We should try to reduce of those programs and code who makes compaction in that process.

  10. Management - In the comparisons of good technology, good management is the best option because it helps the employees to motivate them for doing their duties in the proper way. Management planning cannot be done for a long period because its base is time and situation which can change any time. With a lack of resources a person who has deep knowledge of management can provide a positive result in every case.

  11. Right person is the base of success - For the success of any planning we need to experts, experienced and skilled person. An expert can provide the best output with those sources who are not enough in normal condition. On the other hand without experienced person became fail in this condition. So quality is the main part in the selection time of employees.

  12. Use carefully - For getting the best output it is necessary to use different method and techniques with carefully otherwise they provide the wrong output.

  13. Keep updated - In the present time, this world is more progressive and competitive so to survive in the present time it is necessary to stay updated every time for new technology and their risk factors.