SE Overview Q & A #1

Question:Explain the meaning of software danger and its importance in concerned of software engineering?


Software danger

During the period of software development and up gradation, we faced following problems after 1960,

  • Capability and capacity of machines increased.

  • People became more aware about the use of computers.

  • The cost of Hardware became low.

  • Computer system improved fast with the help of more powerful machines and availability of user friendly operating system.

Software requirements increased because the use of computer and its applications increased. For the development of software system the attention shifted from the simple programming. For the development of software systems, the techniques for simple writing program could not be upgraded. Thus the software find in computer world always in the middle of software danger. Software danger can be described as a group of errors and troubles which grows during the period of development of software. These software dangers spread very quickly.

Responsible factors for software dangers

We have a lot of factors which affected the software dangers.

  • Measuring problems - We have some thoughts or idea for the development of small software then these idea / thought will not be suitable for the large scale of software. On the other hand if we clearly say about the techniques which is used for the small software then these techniques will not be acceptable in the case of large software development.

  • Higher costs - Development of software is very expensive. For the development or upgrade of a software process, only those people are necessary who have fully skilled and perfect knowledge about software development. For the appointment of educated person a big amount of money required. For this is reason of software cost goes higher. Now it proves that the cost of human power plays a major role in this case.

  • Untrusted software - When we use software then several of times we get the result wrong or undesired. In the other words this software produce the wrong information and required result is not found.

  • Regularity problems - When we use software then several of times we get the result wrong or undesired. In the other words this software produce the wrong information and required result is not found.

  • Delay in software - Here this term is used in that case where the software development not completed on time or takes a lot of time to complete the software.

  • Program and software both are different.

  • Necessary a large amount of maintenance for the software. Maintenance required a lot of time to resolve the problems and required modification are done in this period.

  • Higher demand for big size and difficult software systems.

Importance of software danger in concerned to software Engineering discipline

The computer system covered a wide area, the requirement of computer software system become more than the capability of our computer production and maintenance. Some methodical thoughts are used to solve the problem of software danger because they help in development of a software system or upgrade a software system. To resolution of software danger with computerized techniques is used as a term of software Engineering.

IEEE defines the definition of software, a set of commands on computer, procedures, rules and associated documentation and data is known as a software programme. Software Engineering term may be used or defined as a set of those programs and thoughts that helps in solutions of computer problems or software danger. Development of software and regular maintenance of it is the main part of software Engineering. Resolution of problems which creates by soft danger is the discipline which is concerned to software Engineering.