SE Models Q & A #8

Question:Give a description of prototyping model.

Answer: - This is a working system and the objective of the model is to develop those ideas which are tested regarding a new system and could be used again. Prototyping is processes of making a model for the system which can be develop. The main part of this model is before the design and coding we could not fix the need of software while we could think about the needs of customer from software system. The prototype model made on the basis of knowledge about the needs of customer. Prototype model provide the design which gives the thoughts how system did the works. The objective of prototype is to make good understanding about system needs. At the last we get that such result which will be of very low variance. The prototype after the process of development, the end user gives the chance to take the benefit of prototype and provide the important thoughts about this developer.

  • What is good

  • Area of alteration

  • Missing information

  • Requirement which is not necessary

After getting the feedback necessary alterations made in prototype model and provide it again to user for using it. This approach is suitable in that case where two below given points covered.

  1. When a little amount of needs should know at the starting time.

  2. When a customer wants a short area testing instead of fully software.

Prototype Model

Benefits of prototype Methodology

  • This model is more suitable where customer needs not cleared.

  • This Type of model use in that area where the size of problem are large.

  • It decreases the cost of maintenance. The main factor of using this model is its cost reductions.

  • This model is very helpful in decrease the gap of communication between those persons who use the software and that group of developed the software system.

  • In the comparison of final software alteration in prototyping model alteration is quickly and cheaper.

Limitations of prototyping Methodology

  • To get the quick work if may possible that it ignores the quality.

  • It can increase the cost of software system because most of time design and code not used.

  • Expectations of users increase from the software after looking the working process of prototype model.

  • When the result of prototyping is not according to customer needs in that case they can make negative thought about that system.

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