SE Models Q & A #7

Question:Explain the waterfall model in detail.

Answer: - This method is very old and trendy which normally used because simplicity is the key of success of this method. In this method every action taken is planned in prior in a process of software development. For the small size of projects waterfall method is very suitable. The specialty of this method is that every stage has a sequence. After the end of one stage, the next stage started at that point and the output of every stage converted in input for the every next steps. So with this reason the the second name of this model is Sequence Model. With the study about system the first stage started and after that analysis, design, coding, testing and controlling take place one by one. Every stage completed one by one in a sequence like waterfall so this is the reason of this name.

Waterfall methodology

Benefits of waterfall Methodology

  • With the reason of simplicity and sequence system it is very easy to use it.

  • User can understand it quickly because simplicity is the main quality of this method.

  • It defines the complete information about every step.

  • This model is very helpful in planning and scheduling of projects.

  • It reduces the cost of Error correctness.

  • Importantly it increases the possibility that the system fulfill the customer needs.

Limitations of waterfall Methodology

  • Expectations become very quickly in this process which is not correct.

  • Risk factors not involved in this model which is very necessary part for every model.

  • In this method training sessions of user is not necessary.

  • We cannot find any error till time testing of software not done.

  • Between user and developer the interaction gap is low.

Major outputs in a development project which follows the waterfall model are following:

Sr.No.Activity PhaseOutput Documents
1Requirement analysisSRS documents
2Design phaseData flow diagram
3CodingProgram code
4Unit TestingModule test report
5System testingSystem test report
6Acceptance testingFinal system documentation
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