SE Models Q & A #5

Question:What is the process of implementation of a software?

Answer: - The process of implementation of a software may be define as a process of translation old software to new software with a new developed software who have extra functions and making it operational without any interruption in an organization functioning system. The time period which starts from the acceptance of the tested design to its satisfactory operated it covers all the time period. The software implementation is a very big operation and for the implementation of a software better planning is must require. The planning of implementation of software should be implemented from a short point and after the success it implemented on whole area. For the implementation of a new software a good knowledge is must require and some requirement of a system are hardware, file conversion actions and some personal needs of software.

Activities involved in software implementation

When old software and new software is modified and implemented then it contains three basic actions.

  1. Personal training - For the implementation of new software, the training of users and operators is necessary part. The training activity plays a major part in operating and maintaining the software by user. Thus we can say that operators and user both require training.

    • Software operator training - Most software run smoothly depends on the computer user. The training of computer operator gives the satisfaction that he can do every action and data entry. In the process of training a list of problem can be figured out and solution can be provided to then so that they can solve their problems on their base and build the knowledge about this. If they get unusual problem they can contact the concerned person. With the help of training they become friendly with software and solve can their problem easily.

    • User training - User training helps the user in operating the system in efficient way. During the training a manual is given to every user so that they can understand the problem and solved it. The content of training is about the use of data that how they can edit, add, query and delete the records. If a user have not sufficient capability of working on system then many kind of errors and problems can occur.

  2. Conversion - With the help of conversion process a old software can be replaced with new software. The process of conversion is useful in only that case where new software is fully tested and report is positive. It involves many kinds of actions which are:

    • From old to new software system all files and data base converted.

    • Providing the user training of the each staff of the organization which has the right of using new software.

    • Conversion of forms. This may involve discarding old data.

    • Converting administration. In the process of converting administration process the role of each member is divided according the needs and the responsibility is also divided according to their job regarding new software.

  3. Post implementation Review - After the process of implementation and conversion of software some reviews are taken by the user and the experts. This is the normal process of getting the following points:

    • What is the working of a software system?

    • How it has been accepted by the user?

    • Area of updating

    Performance of a software measured with the help of a post implementation review. It helps in deciding that software gets the specification with how much efficiency.

Types of implementation

We have three types of implementation method which are given below:

  1. Fresh implementation - Fresh implementation of software may be defined as a process where a manual record are replaced with new software. During the process of fresh implementation some problems come in the form of conversion of files, user training, accurate system of files etc.

  2. Replacement implementation - When an old software is replaced with a new software implementation that the name of this process is Replacement implementation. This process is very difficult and a proper planning is needed for this, otherwise many problems can arise.

  3. Modified implementation - When an old software is replaced by new software with some alteration then this process is called modified implementation. We can easily handle this type of implementation because area of modification is not so large in files.