SE Models Q & A #4

Question:Explain the objectives of a)coding b) structured programming.



During the Coding phase the design of the software system is translated into a programming language format which is used by a computer, this is the main objective of coding. The aim of the coding is to produce high quality system which can be performed in any situation. The programmer removes all the errors related to syntax and format and all the logical errors which find in the programmer during the coding phase. Some of the objectives are defined below in concerned to coding.

  1. To increase the understanding and readability towards a program.

  2. To convert the design of a programmer in a programming language and get the best way of the implementation of this design.

  3. The objective of coding is decrease the cost of phase which comes later and solve the problem not only programmer, tester and maintenance also attached with this.

  4. If the condition of written code is good then it decreases the effects of testing and maintenance department.

  5. The main focus should be on development of that program which has the quality of easily writing during the process of coding. The program should be simple and transparent.

Structured programming

Structured programming may be defined in a discipline method to get a program that have the quality of readablility, maintainablilty and debug-abliity. The objective of standard programming is given below:

  1. To get a program quickly and free from errors.

  2. The quality of readability and understand ability should be present in programs.

  3. Without giving any effects on module a specific module can be altered.

The logic of structured programming is that a program can be divided into independent groups which have only single entry and single exit. The invention of new approach of structure programming is done by E.W Dijkstra who belongs to Dutch. After that many other gives the suggestions about the programming structure that sequence, selection are the base of this programming. With the help of this programming we can easily understand the program. To control the flow is the goal of structure programming. The text of the program is to arrange in a systematic way that they can executed the Sequence in the program.