SE Models Q & A #3


Question:What is Coding Standard?

Answer: - Organization that developed better software has their own standards of coding. Some reasons are given below for the standard of coding.

  1. Coding provide a dress appearances to the codes which is written by different kind of programs.

  2. Coding process makes easy to solve errors regarding coding and helpful in reading codes of different other programs.

  3. Code maintenance is very easy with the help of coding standard.

Testing and maintenance, both processes are affected by the coding process. In comparison, testing and maintenance process takes more time than coding process. With the help of good coding style software can created which has the quality of low maintenance.

Rules of programming style

For programming style we have some rules which are defined below

  1. Clarity and simplicity of expression - During the process of designing, the process should be simple and easy to understand. The programming of software must be designed just like that clarity should be present at every level and there should be not find any confusion about the understanding of the program.

  2. Names - A name has a specific meaning during a program writing process. It should not be critical variable. In the process of code writing the code should be closer in the comparison of original product; with the help of this everyone can easily understand the expression. For Example if we want to calculate interest and showing the expression I = ( P* R*T)/100 . No one can easily understand this expression but instead of this if we write interest = (principle * rate * time)/ 100 . Then everyone easily understands this expression.

  3. Control constructs - We have a lot of standard for the controlling of construction but we should try to use single entry and single exit method. Single entry and single exit method may be defined as a method that has a specific starting and ending points. We can see this method in the form of continue series of standard.

  4. Go to system - We should always try to neglect this as longer its can possible because the main drawback of goto system is that it use always forward, transferred and avoided the backward jump.

  5. Hiding information - A good programming language has a most special style which is called information hiding.

    • All information which is special and have a specific purpose then the collected data should be separate from the information which is used in a system.

    • The quality of visibility and transparency should be available in all information which is useful for the operational activities.

    The system became more maintainable with the help of hidden information by decreasing the coupling between modules.

  6. Nature of modules - A module should be treated carefully if the nature of this module is difficult. So the basic method of its adjustment is to divide into little parts which called multiples modules.

  7. Size of module - The size of every module should be similar its means size difference should not be more. The functions not performed by those modules who have big size while on the opposite side if the model is too short then it needs more overheads.

  8. Layout of a program - The program should have the quality of understanding and readability. Program should be readable in first try and there should be find not any confusion. For getting the best output use of commas, space and marks of identifications used.

  9. Robustness - Robustness program is that program with the help of this we can get the proper output with the wrong input. Many of times we see that the input data have so much errors or invalid data in that case normal program became fall in producing output. On the other hand Robustness program helps in this case and gives the proper output in user favor.

  10. Internal documentation - Internal documentation plays a major role in program. It is helpful to increase the understanding and readability. It helps a lot when maintenance and editing is required for a program.