SE Models Q & A #2

Question:Explain the generic views of software Engineering.

Answer: - The process of a software development has three Generic views which are:

  1. Definition Phase - It is the base of Definition phase. The experts get the knowledge about "What".

    • Information needed for processing.

    • Which functions are required.

    • Expectations about the capacity.

    • Interface which is established.

    • Area of the validation.

    This phase defines all the expectations depending on the standard of the software Engineering. It contains three steps.

    • Analysis of system

    • Planning of project

    • Requirement Analysis

  2. Development phase - Focus point of development phase is "How". After the explanation of "What" it turn to "How". Various type of question raised in developer mind that how to design the data structure and Architecture of software, Procedural detail how to implemented and how design convert in a programming language and testing of software how to perform. Three special steps always taken in this phase which are

    • Design of software

    • Coding

    • testing of software system

  3. Maintenance phase - The main focus of maintenance phase is change which cause is correction of errors, adaption of new idea, According to the needs of software after change in customer mood.

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