SAP Data migration using LSMW 4 methods


  Zafar Karnalkar

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Language - English Published on 07/2022


SAP Data Migration

Data migration is the process of migrating (transferring) of data from one system to another. It is a key consideration for any system implementation, upgrade or consolidation.

Data migration process required in depth planning , about what data to be transfer, the sequence of the data transfer, field mapping, conversion rules etc.

Different sap tools for data migration are like, lsmw, bdc and bapi

In this course you will learn lsmw 4 methods

  • lsmw with direct input method - creating material master and vendor master
  • lsmw with recording method
  • lsmw with bapi idoc method
  • lsmw with idoc method
  • and along with this you can learn debugging in lsmw.
  • lsmw is for both technical and functional consultant, very flexible and easy to use tool.

LSMW  Advantages:

1.Flexibility to use different method.

2.Can be use by both technical and functional consultant

3.Migration possible with any DB ,as the final input method is flat file

Disadvantage :

1.Difficult to debug, cannot be debug as per normal debugging method.

2.Coding not possible to perform some complex validations, putting default values based on conditions .

What Will I Get ?

  • Overview sap data migration

  • lsmw with 4 method : direct input, recording, bapi and idoc

  • lsmw debugging

  • BDC, SHDB recording, call transaction method, session method, bdc for table control

  • BAPI - how to search a bapi

  • Create program using BAPI

  • BAPI extension


  • Basic SAP Transaction Processing Knowledge 

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