Salimgarh Fort - History

Salimgarh Fort under Sur Dynasty

In 1540AD, Sher Shah Suri defeated Humayun and established Sur Dynasty that ruled till 1555AD. Sher Shah Suri was succeeded by Islam Shah Suri who built the Salimgarh Fort in an area where there was Yamuna river on one side and range of Aravalli hills on the other side. This was done in order to save the fort from erosion done by the river. In spite of all these protections, Humayun invaded the fort and defeated Sikandar Suri, the last ruler of Sur dynasty.

Sur Dynasty

Salimgarh Fort under Mughals

After defeating Sikandar Suri and capturing the fort, Humayun named it as Nurghar. He did this as he never wanted that the name of any ruler of Sur dynasty shall be mentioned in the court. Shah Jahan built the Red Fort and Salimgarh Fort was included in the red fort complex.

Salimgarh Fort during 1857 Sepoy Mutiny

During the sepoy mutiny of 1857, Bahadur Shah Zafar the last Mughal emperor used to conduct meetings to form a strategy to fight against the British. In order to give the salary to his courtiers he gave some jewels of his crown.

He was also ready to die in order to make the war successful. He decided to lead the attack and asked all people to join him. As per the suggestion of Bhakt Khan, he left the fort and hid himself in Humayun’s tomb. Later on he was captured and made prisoner in Humayun’s tomb.

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