Salesforce Interview Readiness Preparation

Clear Interviews in any Company in this World!

  Soham Ghosh


Language - English Published on 03/2022


First of all, this course is different from regular Salesforce courses. This course purely deals with the concepts to clear Interviews.

Purpose is to explain a Real time project and cover the possible real time scenarios and Interview questions to help learners and developers to go with the Salesforce Ecosystem and to clear any interview in any MNC. 

In the videos and documents, you will find all the Interview Questions possible along with the answers.

What Will I Get ?

Even if you in certain cases, if you don't have hands on for real time projects, you can clear N no of interviews with my interactive sessions. 

Multiple Sections are available, to focus on each concept. 

There are 2 Real Time Project Explanations which cover the concepts on how to implement solution for Business use cases and scenarios. Apart from that you will be able to get idea how to tackle the scenario based questions as well. 

There is a video session to explain the concepts regarding questions on Customization with Apex. This is the most Important part of any interview where your skills with Apex will be judged. You need to be solid in this Section. Triggers, Apex Classes, Batch Classes, Queueable Class, Future Method, Schedulable Apex are the most important sections for Asynchronous Apex.

Then it comes with sessions with Lightning Aura Concepts. Trust me the videos and documents are enough for any Aura based Interview which is followed by another section purely focusing on Admin Concepts.

Finally a mock interview session is there to get in touch with most important questions and how to answer them.


You should have the prior knowledge on Salesforce concepts.

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