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Python GUI and Games with Tkinter

person icon Rohit Dharaviya


Python GUI and Games with Tkinter

Build Games with Python using tkinter

updated on icon Updated on Jun, 2024

language icon Language - English

person icon Rohit Dharaviya

English [CC]

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Lectures -73

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Duration -10.5 hours



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Course Description

Welcome to the "Python GUI and Games with Tkinter"  course, a Tkinter is the standard Python interface for developing GUI. Python with Tkinter is the fastest and easiest way to create GUI applications.  This course is created in a way that even a newbie can follow. Whether you have some experience in creating GUI using PyQt or any other framework or you are completely new this course is just right for you.

In this course first, you will learn Tkinter widgets that are used to make your GUI application. You will learn how to use widgets, how to customize them, how to change their properties, and a lot more. Then we are going to use all these widgets to make our GUI Games. 

I will start by helping you get installed needed things on your system, which includes Python, pip, and, PyCharm IDE, after that we will install the required packages as and when needed.

Tkinter widgets include:

  • MainWindow

  • PhotoImage

  • Label

  • Entry

  • Button

  • messagebox

  • Checkbutton

  • Radiobutton

  • Scale

  • Listbox

  • colorchooser

  • Text

  • filedialog

  • Menu

  • Frame

  • Toplevel

  • Progressbar

  • Canvas

  • Scrollbar

  • ScrolledText

  • ComboBox

  • TreeView

  • Spinbox

  • LabelFrame

  • Menubutton

  • Separator

  • Sizegrip

and much more!

Then we are going to learn how to catch events.

  • Key Events from the keyboard

  • Mouse events

Once we are done with the widgets, you will take a big leap and we are going to make games using Tkinter.

You will make the below games along with the course.

  • Game - 01: Rock paper scissors

  • Game - 02: tic tac toe

  • Game - 03: Color ball finder

  • Game - 04: Make an image from the image part

You will get lifetime access to all the lectures.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating an Awesome GUI application with me in the easiest and most practical way and boost your career.


  • Learn GUI from the basics

  • Be familiar with Tkinter widgets

  • Learn how to draw different shapes on canvas

  • Keyboard and Mouse Events

  • Create 2D animation

  • Add tabs and a Menu in your application

  • How to make Games

  • 4+ GUI Games


  • You should have a basic understanding of the Python Programming Language.
  • A computer system with an internet connection
Python GUI and Games with Tkinter


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Let`s make your Environment ready
5 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction 01:27 01:27
  • play icon Links to install Python, PIP, PyCharm
  • play icon Python Installation 02:22 02:22
  • play icon PIP Installation 02:30 02:30
  • play icon PyCharm Installation 03:56 03:56
Tkinter Widgets
26 Lectures
Canvas widget
8 Lectures
Useful Widgets and Packages
3 Lectures
4 Lectures
Create virtual environment & install required packags
2 Lectures
Game - 01: Rock Paper Scissor
4 Lectures
Game - 02: Tic-Tac-Toe ('0' and 'X')
5 Lectures
Game - 03: Select a Colour ball
4 Lectures
Game - 04: Make the image from image parts
4 Lectures
Game - 05: Flip a card and make a pair
7 Lectures
Bonus: Thank You!
1 Lectures

Instructor Details

Rohit Dharaviya

Rohit Dharaviya

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