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Python is a high-level, object-oriented, interpreted programming language, which has garnered worldwide attention. Stack Overflow found out that 38.8% of its users mainly use Python for their projects. According to the website’s survey, Python’s popularity surpassed that of C# in 2018 – just like it surpassed PHP in 2017 and right now python users have surpassed the Java users with 8.2 million users as of 2020. This makes Python certification one of the most sought-after programming certifications. In this Python Tutorial, I will be discussing the following topics: Python is best code language to learn to code in 2021with pycharm.

Top Companies Using Python

  • NASA prefer python for application written and development

  • Yahoo to look up services, addresses prefer python language

  • Google uses python for their internal systems

  • Facebook, You tube, Amazon, Pay pal, etc

Scope of Python Language

Python to be the multiprogramming language since it has all features of conventional Latest programing language. Such as c, c ++. It continuously serves as a best language for developing applications efficiently.

  • Python supports multiple programs

  • Chosen Language for Artificial, machine language expert

  • It has a large set of multiples and tools

  • It supports broad community support

  • For better code readability it is designed

  • Few lines of codes are only used in python language

  • Use easy to use tool pycharm or visual studio code

Python Pay scale

Scope of Python Career in 2021, Impressive salaries for python in various job roles. Python is the fastest-growing language without any threats. Large companies adopting python for their projects to get a better result efficiently learn data analytics course.

  • Software Engineer : $ 103,035 per year

  • DevOps Engineer : $115,666per year

  • Data Scientist : $117,345per year

Go from zero to hero in Python in weeks! Learn Python the easy way by building real-life Python programs!

  • Introduction To Python

    • What is Python?

    • Python Interpreter

    • Python Installation

  • Python Basics

    • Python Keywords

    • Python Comments

      • Python Comments Block

    • Python Variables

      • Global Variables In Python

    • Data Types In Python

      • Python Strings

      • Python Strings Format

        • Python Strings Methods

        • Python Strings Operations

      • Numbers

        • Python Integers

        • Python Float

        • Python Boolean

      • Python Lists

        • Python Lists Remove

        • Python List Remove Duplicates

      • Python Tuples

      • Python Sets

      • Python Dictionary

        • Dictionary Methods

    • Operators In Python

    • Conditional Statements

      • If,Else,Elif Statement In Python

      • Conditional Statement Example

    • Loops In Python

      • For Loop In Python

      • While Loop In Python

      • Nested Loops In Python

    • Python Functions

  • File I/O In Python

  • Python Modules

    • Built-in Modules In Python

    • OS

  • Python OOPs

    • Python Classes

    • Inheritance In Python

Additional topics Learn By Building Applications

1. Build a python database application with Python and SQLlite3

2. Build a python networking client server chat application

3. Build a python threading module

4. Build a Browser automation python program using selenium and facebook.

Using this python language course unofficial Tutorial you will learn Python with simple easy to understand coding tutorial, you will also be building applications,so that you will get real world usage of python programming.


  • Learn Python programming fast by building applications

  • python data structure linked list in python python stack python queue python tuples and lists python struct python lists of dictionaries python priority queue l

  • Python web programming,python network programming

  • Python is stepping stone for Machine Learning, Data Science and Deep Learning with Python

  • app for coding, basic coding, basic programing language


  • No prior programming knowledge required.
  • Logical reasoning should be good.
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  • Introduction to Python
  • Handson with Python compiler
  • Python programming : Functions,Modules,classes and inherticance
  • Python programming :Create Functions in python
  • Python programming :Create,import Modules in python
  • Python programming : Data structures in python :Dictionaries
  • Python programming :Classes and Object oriented programming in python part 1
  • Python :File management,control flow,excpetions,
  • Python :File management,control flow
  • Python :File management,control flow,exceptions, - contd.
  • Python programming : Data structures in python
  • Python programming : Data structures in python :List and sets
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Python course for Beginners: Complete Python Programming2021
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