Play-to-earn game development - Unity blockchain programming

The possibilities of Web3 are endless: dive into the play-to-earn genre, develop the videogame and code transactions.


In this course, we will develop a Third Person Shooter Play-to-Earn and connect it to the Blockchain.

The game is a Hyper-casual one, the main character is controlled by a simple joystick and the objective is to shoot the enemies.

As the character moves around, bullets are shot, and as the match is over, the player earns crypto coins based on his game performance.

This will create a new revenue stream for the esports industry and give players the opportunity to make money while playing their favorite games. The game has a payout system in which the player gets rewarded for playing the game.

By doing this, I hope to create a more engaged and interactive gaming experience for my students and make them more money.

Main features of this course:

  1. Create the game itself: code the camera system following the player throughout the match, test projectiles and work with colliders, write enemies’ AI involving NavMesh automatic path-finding, behavior state spawning mechanic to instantiate the enemies, work with Unity Input System to create a mobile joystick controller, code the player’s controller and understand the usage of animation states, quaternions, vectors and physics to complete a weapon system.
  2. I will show how to build automated ETH and BNB transactions, as well as how to construct our own ERC-20 tokens and a Smart Contract to implement a reward system with them. It is not necessary to have advanced programming skills in Unity or Solidity.
  3. The training focuses on understanding the relationships between blockchain and our Unity projects. It is then up to each student's ingenuity to figure out how to use this great tool to create better games with better systems and code.

Who this course is for:

  • If you are already a Unity programmer, this course will teach you how to incorporate blockchain into your games.
  • If you are interested in cryptography and games but have never coded before, this course might be a great starting point for you if you take the time to practice with our Web3 implementation.


  • Metamask will be used to create/transfer ETH/BNB and bespoke ERC20 tokens from the game to users.
  • Solidity Smart Contract game creation and interactivity using Unity
  • ChainSafe SDK programming to unlock the power of web3 games
  • Json .NET is our choice when dealing with serialization: it codes relationships in simple binary form and we will just use it for its rich library "NewtonSoft".
  • Program a Third-Person-Shooter using a template as a placeholder: this will speed up the development process and will grant us the time to dive deeply into the blockchain subject.
  • Build the foundation for blockchain-enabled games: use different wallets as an authorization method with ease, automated ETH transactions, Smart Contracts...

  • Create a new revenue stream for the esports industry and give players the opportunity to make money while playing their favorite games.

  • Develop a First Person Shooter Play-to-Earn step by step, with the main character, is controlled by a simple joystick and the objective is to shoot the enemies.

  • Manipulate data needed for connection between the wallet and the SDK within the game.


  • There is no prior Unity or Solidity programming expertise necessary. However, it is desirable to be familiar with Remix, the Ethereum virtual computer, and the Unity Editor. This course will be simple for you and I will cover everything in detail.

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Play-to-earn game development - Unity blockchain programming
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