State the main difference between asexual and sexual reproduction.

The differences between the asexual and sexual methods of reproduction are:

Asexual ReproductionSexual Reproduction
In asexual reproduction, the offspring arises from a single type of parent.In sexual reproduction, the offspring arises from two different sexes of parents or involves two different types of gametes.
Asexual organisms grow faster, that is, they have a faster population growth rate.
Sexually reproducing organisms grow slower.
Asexual reproduction doesn't take a lot of time because the cell only divides once and there is no need for a partner.
It takes a long time to reproduce sexually as to find a partner and the cell has to divide twice.
Mitosis is the process by which asexual organisms divide their cells. When a single diploid cell divides once, it makes two new diploid cells.
In sexual reproduction, cells divide through a process called meiosis. It makes four haploid cells from one diploid cell that has split twice.
In asexual reproduction, random genetic mutations can cause very small amounts of change to happen during mitosis.During meiosis and fertilization, which are two parts of sexual reproduction, a lot of variation is introduced.
ExampleAmoeba, Hydra, Planaria, Spirogyra, etc.Example: Dog, Tiger, Human being, etc.


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Updated on: 09-Jan-2023


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