(a) What is meant by reproduction?
(b) What are the two general methods of reproduction in organisms?
(c) How does an Amoeba reproduce? Describe the process of reproduction in Amoeba with the help of labelled diagrams of different stages in its reproduction process?
(d) What is the name of the process by which Amoeba reproduces?
(e) Name two organisms which reproduce by the same asexual process as that of Amoeba.

(a) Reproduction is the biological process by which organisms give birth to new organisms of the same species.

(b) Two general methods of reproduction are Asexual and Sexual.

(c) The cell of an Amoeba starts dividing after attaining its maximum size. The nucleus of the cell divides first, followed by the cytoplasm. Thus, the single cell divides into two identical cells.

(d) Amoeba reproduces by the process of binary fission.

(e) Leishmania and Paramecium reproduce by the same asexual process (binary fission) as that of Amoeba.


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Updated on: 23-Mar-2023


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