Oracle WebLogic 12c Administration & Application Deployment

Master Oracle WebLogic Server installation, configuration, administration. Create clusters, domains, deploy applications

Course Description

A warm welcome to the Oracle WebLogic 12c Administration & Application Deployment course by Uplatz.

Oracle WebLogic Server is one of the top application servers across conventional and cloud environments as well as engineered systems.

WebLogic server is based on Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), the standard platform used to create Java-based multi-tier enterprise applications. Since J2EE applications are standardized modules, WebLogic can automate many system-level tasks that would otherwise have demanded programming time. Oracle WebLogic server simplifies the deployment of complex applications and improve time-to-market.

In other words, Oracle WebLogic Server is the an industry leading application server for building enterprise applications using Java EE standards, and deploying them on a reliable, scalable runtime with low cost of ownership. Oracle WebLogic fits strategically into Oracle’s full product and cloud services portfolio. Oracle WebLogic Server provides compatibility with prior versions, and supports new features for developer productivity, high availability, manageability and deployment to cloud native Kubernetes-based environments.

Oracle WebLogic Server offers application developers modern development tooling and advanced APIs for application innovation. It provides a mission critical cloud platform for applications requiring high performance, scalability and reliability. Powerful, integrated management tools simplify operations and reduce management costs. Finally, Oracle WebLogic Server provides the foundation for the Oracle Fusion Middleware portfolio of products.

Oracle WebLogic Suite enables enterprises to outperform their competitors while minimizing operational costs, and will scale to adapt to changing business conditions and application requirements.

Uplatz provides this end-to-end training on Oracle WebLogic Server.

This Oracle WebLogic Administration training will help you acquire the core skills needed to install, configure, and manage the Oracle WebLogic Application Server.

This training includes deploying applications and understanding the core aspects of Oracle WebLogic server. You will learn, in this Oracle WebLogic course, how this scalable technology enables IT to change as the business grows.

The Oracle WebLogic Administration training course teaches WebLogic Server administrative task to system administrators in the most important areas. These tasks include creating a domain, starting servers, monitoring domain resources, setting up and using Node Manager, deploying applications, configuring database resources, configuring a cluster and more.

The trainees will be able to learn the installation of Linux in Oracle Virtual Box, install WebLogic server, create Domains, deploy Java EE applications using the Administration Console, use the command-line and WLST scripting tool, configuration of Oracle HTTP Server and an Oracle WebLogic Server cluster to support failover and load balancing for applications.

The Oracle WebLogic Server training will help you crack the WebLogic Server Certifications as well. You'll develop a strong foundation in planning, installing, configuring, deploying and managing platform suite installations or applications on the WebLogic Server. Oracle WebLogic Server Certification will validate your experience working with the number one application server across conventional and cloud environments.

Course Objectives

  • Fundamentals of WebLogic

  • Describe the architecture of WebLogic Server including domains, servers and machines

  • Install, configure, monitor and use WebLogic Server

  • Create and monitor WebLogic Domains

  • Perform routine Oracle WebLogic Server administration functions

  • Set up a cluster of servers and distribute applications and resources to the cluster

  • Configure Oracle HTTP Server as the Web-tier front end for Oracle WebLogic Server instances and clusters

  • Deploy different types of Java EE applications to Oracle WebLogic Server

Oracle WebLogic - Course Curriculum

  • Installation of Linux 6.7 in Oracle Virtual Box

  • Installing WebLogic

  • Creating a Domain

  • Admin Servers

  • Managed Servers

  • Data Sources

  • JMS Resources

  • Application Deployment

  • WebLogic Security

  • Clusters

  • Node Manager

  • WLST

Who this course is for:

  • Technical & System Administrators
  • Java EE Developers
  • Oracle WebLogic Server Administrators
  • Oracle Apps DBA - WebLogic
  • Application Architects
  • Beginners and newbies aspiring for a career in Server Administration
  • WebLogic Admin and Lead
  • Oracle Fusion Middleware Consultants & Administrators
  • Oracle SOA Administrators
  • Integration Specialists
  • Automation Engineers
  • Oracle Middleware SMEs
  • Database Engineers
  • Solution Architects
  • Network Engineers & Administrators
  • Oracle DBAs
  • Anyone interested in web & application servers administration


  • Installation, Configuration, Administration & Management of Oracle WebLogic 12c

  • Installation of LINUX 6.7 in Oracle Virtual Box

  • Installing WebLogic

  • Creating a Domain - manual and automated

  • Admin Servers

  • Managed Servers

  • Data Sources

  • JMS Resources - create and configure

  • Application Deployment

  • WebLogic Security - securing domain and applications

  • Clusters - Failover and Load Balancing

  • Node Manager

  • WLST - scripting of WebLogic Tasks


  • Enthusiasm and determination to make your mark on the world!

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  • Overview and Installation of Linux 6.7 on Oracle Virtual Box
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Oracle WebLogic 12c Administration & Application Deployment
This Course Includes
  • 4.5 hours
  • 13 Lectures
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  • Language English
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