On what basis would you classify energy sources as
$(a)$. renewable and non-renewable?
$(b)$. exhaustible and inexhaustible?
Are the options given in $(a)$ and $(b)$ the same?

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$(a)$ Renewable Energy:

renewable source of energy is defined as the sources of energy that are being produced continuously means they are inexhaustible in nature and can be used for a very long period of time are called renewable sources of energy.


Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Hydro Energy, and Biomass. 

Non-renewable Energy:

They are non-renewable because they are present in limited amounts in nature, and once exhausted, cannot be replenished or regained.

Non- Renewable sources of energy - Coal, Petroleum, Natural gas. Renewable sources of energy - Wind, Tides, Wood.

The difference between a renewable and a non-renewable source of energy are:

Renewable Source of EnergyNon-Renewable Source of Energy

1. It can be used again and again endlessly, as it can be renewed.

1. It cannot be used again and again endlessly, as icannot be renewed once used.

2. It is present in abundant amounts in nature.

2. It is present in a limited amount in nature.

3. Examples- wind, sunlight, and tides.

3. Examples- coal, petroleum, and natural gas.

$(b)$ The basis of the above classification is inexhaustible and exhaustible characteristics of renewable and non-renewable sources of energy respectively.
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