Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Programming with UML

Get to grips with various UML artifacts and object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts and simplify your software development process


UML makes it easier for developers and designers to specify, visualize, and document the requirement of a software system. This course will show you how to use the concepts of UML in the software development process.

The course starts with highlighting the learning objectives and explaining the installation process. You will learn to install Eclipse for Java and Visual Studio for C# and C++ on your machines. Next, you will understand the complexity of these software and how it can be solved using algorithms and object-oriented decomposition. Moving along, you will learn to use UML diagrams to perform object-oriented analysis with use cases. Next, you will understand the concepts of class and learn to represent it in UML using a class diagram. Later, you will use interaction diagrams to represent the interaction between objects of a use case and learn how to represent the behavior of an object using a state machine diagram. Finally, you will learn to understand what refactoring is and get an overview of more UML diagrams—package, component, and deployment.

By the end of this course, you will be able to use object-oriented techniques to design and develop software systems in Java, C#, and C++ with the help of UML diagrams.

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This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn and understand how to apply UML concepts in analyzing and designing software. Those interested in learning how to apply object-oriented principles in C#, C++, or Java, will also find this course useful.


  • Become familiar with UML
  • Understand the concepts of OOP
  • Find out how to write quality use cases
  • Use UML diagrams to analyze and represent classes
  • Improve the code design with refactoring
  • Implement object-oriented design in Java, C++, and C#


  • A basic understanding of programming concepts is necessary to get started with this course.
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  • Course Overview
  • Installing Eclipse for Java
  • Installing Visual Studio for C# & C++
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Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Programming with UML
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