OAuth 2.0 - User Agent

The user agent application is used by the client applications in the user's device, which acts as the scripting language instance such as JavaScript running in a browser. You can store the user agent application on a web server.

The following diagram shows the architecture of the client user agent application.

OAuth 2.0 User Agent

Step 1 − First, the user accesses the resources of the resource owner by using authenticating application such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Step 2 − Next, the user application provides the client Id and client password to log on to the authorization server.

Step 3 − Then, the user agent application provides an instance of a JavaScript application running in a browser and links to the web server.

Step 4 − The authorization server allows access to the resources from the resource server using the client credentials.

Step 5 − The resource server contains the resources, which are owned by the resource owner.