Name two metals that will displace hydrogen from dilute acids and two metals which will not.

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Sodium and magnesium are the two metals that can displace hydrogen from dilute acids.
 Copper and silver cannot displace hydrogen from dilute acids.

[Extra information: Reactivity series is the series of arrangement in a vertical column in decreasing order of their reactivities.
Metals that are more reactive than hydrogen displace it from dilute acids.
Example: sodium and potassium.
Metals that are less reactive than hydrogen do not displace it.
Example: copper and silver.

The reactivity series of metal while reacting with acid is given below:-
1. Potassium      (K)
2. Sodium          (Na)
3. Lithium           (Li)
4. Calcium          (Ca)
5. Magnesium    (Mg)
6. Aluminium      (Al)
7. Zinc                (Zn)
8. Iron                 (Fe)
9. Nickel             (Ni)
10. Tin                (Sn)
11. Lead             (Pb)

The differences between metals and non-metals on the basis of their physical properties are given below:
  1. Metals are malleable whereas non-metals are non-malleable.
  2. Metals are ductile whereas non-metals are non-ductile
  3. Metals are good conductors of electricity whereas non-metals are bad conductors of electricity.]
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