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Microsoft Word | Beginner-Advanced and Professional తెలుగులో

Microsoft Word | Beginner-Advanced and Professional తెలుగులో

Basic to Professional Level Microsoft Word Training Course | A complete guide to MS Word

updated on icon Updated on Apr, 2024

language icon Language - Telugu

person icon Urs Ravi & Vedanta Educational Academy

category icon Microsoft,Office Productivity,Microsoft Office

Lectures -20

Duration -2 hours



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Course Description

మైక్రోసాఫ్ట్ కోర్సు తెలుగు లో

నైపుణ్యం నేర్చుకోవడం అంటే నైపుణ్యాన్ని సంపాదించడం, కాబట్టి మైక్రోసాఫ్ట్ వర్డ్ కోర్సును చూడకుండా వెళ్లవద్దు.

మైక్రోసాఫ్ట్ ఆఫీస్ ఉత్పత్తులలో మైక్రోసాఫ్ట్ వర్డ్ ఒకటి. ఈ మైక్రోసాఫ్ట్ వర్డ్ కోర్సు కేవలం నైపుణ్యాన్ని పొందాలనుకునే వారి కోసం కానీ ప్రధానంగా వారి సాధారణ పనుల కోసం MS వర్డ్ నేర్చుకోవాలనుకునే వారి కోసం. 

విద్యార్థి, ఉపాధ్యాయుడు, రచయిత, రచయిత, ఉద్యోగి, వ్యాపారవేత్త లేదా వ్యాపారవేత్త అయిన ఎవరైనా ఈ సాఫ్ట్‌వేర్‌ను నేర్చుకోవచ్చు & ఎటువంటి సందేహం లేకుండా, మీకు ప్రస్తుతం ఇది అవసరం లేకపోయినా ఈ కోర్సు నిజంగా మీకు ఎక్కడో సహాయపడుతుందని చెప్పవచ్చు.

This MS word course has a total of 6 video lectures with a total length of 36 min including the preview video. This course is designed by assuming that you are a beginner & started using Microsoft word the very first time. Also, this is designed in very simple & easy to understand language & it is avoided to create long videos by keeping in mind the beginner or student needs.

This course is designed in Microsoft Word 2016 version but you can easily learn in older or latest versions like MS Word 2013, MS Word 2016, MS word 2019, or any other version.

I am very confident that after covering all of these sections you will be like a professional in Microsoft Word. I am sure that you will be very happy to choose this Microsoft Word course.

So, what are you waiting for? Just hit the enroll button & enjoy the course.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Learn Microsoft Word from basics to advance level.
  • Learn to do professional & advanced document formatting & layout tasks in MS Word.
  • Can create letters, professional reports, resumes or any customized templates
  • Can do the tasks efficiently by learning shortcut keys.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • No Basics Knowledge Required
Microsoft Word | Beginner-Advanced and Professional తెలుగులో


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Microsoft Word - Basics
20 Lectures
  • play icon Introduction to Course-MS Word 13:24 13:24
  • play icon 1. Microsoft Word - Launching 07:11 07:11
  • play icon 2. Microsoft Word - User Interface 12:08 12:08
  • play icon 3. Microsoft Word - Save and Save As 04:06 04:06
  • play icon 4. Microsoft Word - Home Tab - Font Group - All Commands 13:37 13:37
  • play icon 5. Microsoft Word - Bullets and Numbered List.mp4 03:40 03:40
  • play icon 6. Microsoft Word - Multilist Levels.mp4 06:23 06:23
  • play icon 7. Microsoft Word Text Alignments - Line and Paragraph Spacing 04:13 04:13
  • play icon 8. Microsoft Word - SORT Command Functionality 02:54 02:54
  • play icon 9. Microsoft Word - Color Shading and Text Borders 03:31 03:31
  • play icon 10. MS Word - Text Styles - Table of Content or Index Creation 11:13 11:13
  • play icon 11. MS Word - Find and Replace 03:11 03:11
  • play icon 12. MS Word - Copy Paste Functions.mp4 06:54 06:54
  • play icon 13. MS Word - Insert Tabe - Pages Group - Page Cover and Blank Page and Page Break.mp4 04:50 04:50
  • play icon 14. MS Word - Table - All Table Tools Explained.mp4 19:02 19:02
  • play icon 15. MS Word - Insert Pictures and Edit Pictures.mp4 08:21 08:21
  • play icon 16. MS Word - Shapes, Icons, 3D Models Explained.mp4 05:24 05:24
  • play icon 17. MS Word - Smart Art, Charts and Screenshot utilities.mp4 06:13 06:13
  • play icon 18. MS Word - Links to WebPages.mp4 03:48 03:48
  • play icon 19. MS Word - Links to Existing Files.mp4 04:35 04:35

Instructor Details

Urs Ravi & Vedanta Educational Academy

Urs Ravi & Vedanta Educational Academy

Tally & GST Guru I Microsoft Office Expert

UrsRaviTelugu Chief Faculty at Tally Institute of Learning
Ravi Telugu is a Corporate Trainer with 6 Years of Training Experience on various technologies. He specializes in MS Office Tools, Tally, Focus, Wings, SAP, GST, Income Tax, TDS.

Ravi Telugu, Cheif Executive officer at @ Vedanta Educational Academy.

Authorized partner @ Tally Solutions and also Tally Education

Instructor at Tally Institute of Learning for last 3yrs.

Signed up Top 11 Colleges for Tally & GST(more than 10,000 students)

Speaker at OU Tally & GST awareness program.

Having 4yrs experience in Tally Training center/worked as faculty in Top Institutes.

Working as accounts admin for Valam Foods Pvt LTD. Sri Varun Scales, Digitam Intellect Pvt LTD etc.

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