Mastering Oracle SQL using Oracle Cloud (OCI) - Autonomous Database - Always Free tier

Gain expertise in Oracle SQL using Oracle Cloud Autonomous DB (OCI)-Free tier. Explore Oracle Cloud and learn SQL,Machine learning with Oracle Database


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   Published on 03/2022



The big question is – is SQL still relevant and should you learn it? Well, the answer is: Yes.

SQL has established itself as the de-facto data access language used across many different industries.  This means that SQL is no longer just used by developers,but folks from many different parallel technical fields that need to store, manipulate, and access large volumes of data - analyse it with slice and dice concept to derive meaningful business information so as to have the business in competitive edge.

For this reason, SQL isn’t going anywhere. Its stable in popularity and still dwarfs NoSQL databases on a side by side comparison.

With this course, you can learn how to provision the latest Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database 19c which is provided on Oracle cloud infrastructure(OCI) as always free tier , utilize it to learn SQL and also explore other Autonomous DB tools including Oracle machine learning.

Towards Oracle SQL learning this course has following topics of coverage.

  • Whats a Business application.

  • Relational Database Management System - An overview.

  • What is Oracle Database Instance.

  • Different Oracle DB environment to Learn & Practice Oracle SQL

  • How to get access to Oracle Cloud Free tier.

  • An Overview about all new Oracle Autonomous Cloud Database.

  • Provisioning Oracle Autonomous Database on OCI

  • Accessing the Oracle Cloud Autonomous DB for SQL - web and client version.

  •  Oracle HR dataset installation using Oracle APEX.   
  • Data Retrieval using SQL Select statements.
    -Where Clause.
    -Character Manipulation.
    -Conversion and Conditional Expression - NVL, CASE, DECODE.
    -Aggregate functions and group by clause.
    -Table joins for retrieving data from multiple table.

  • Data Definition Language and Constraints

  • Data Manipulation Language.

  •  What is Oracle Data Dictionary.

  • Other DB Objects - Sequence, Index, Synonyms & Views.

  • Database User Privilege & Roles

  • Understanding Correlated Subqueries.

  •  Developer Tools with Oracle Cloud Autonomous Developer tools - An Overview
    - Data analytics and Visualization with Oracle cloud DB: Machine learning

First step to become expert in Oracle SQL !!

Happy Learning! .... 

Who this course is for:

  • Students of Computer science, IT and Management.
  • Front end developers who wish to learn about Oracle Database SQL statement
  • Anyone who wish to take up career in IT.

What Will I Get ?

  • Provisioning Autonomous Oracle Database 19c on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) - This is available on always free tier Oracle Cloud Offering

  • Overview about RDBMS concepts

  • Overview about Oracle Instance

  • Use Different Constraints in Database -Primary, Foreign, Not Null, Unique, Check
  • Learn about Oracle SQL statement - Data definition, Data manipulation & Control statement

  • Difference SQL Select statements - Using Functions, Strings, joins, Subquery, Correlated subquery etc
  • Different DB objects like table, views, synonyms, index, sequence
  • Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database tools including Oracle Machine Learning - An Overview.


  • Access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Free tier - The course also guides you towards requesting Oracle Cloud Account.
  • Alternatively, if you have access to Oracle Database through SQL, you can still learn Oracle SQL without provisioning Autonomous Database on Oracle cloud Infrastructure (OCI)


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