Master Body Language for Communication and Public Speaking

Your body speaks louder than you!

  Dr Suryadeep Majumder

   Personal Development, Personal Productivity, Public Speaking

  Language - English

   Published on 10/2021



Have you ever come across the fact that our body communicates 55% of the message that we send consciously or unconsciously? Ever felt the uneasiness of what to do with the hands and legs while you where giving a presentation? Have you ever felt that your legs were shaking and your hands turned chilled when you were asked to speak out of the blue or called upon a stage to give a presentation? We work so hard on our communication skills, yet we don't get to move the needle? What can be the ONE STOP SOLUTION to carve out results? What can we do to get started? Are you in a stage of your life where you have no clue on how to improve BODY LANGUAGE (ABILITY TO SPEAK CONFIDENTLY INFRONT OF A CROWD OR IN AN INTERVIEW)? Are you struggling every single day thinking, praying and hoping things to sort out?


We all wanted to be the king of the stage. Unfortunately we are not trained on public speaking skills. But where do we get started? What should we do? This course happens to be your STEP!

A course that begins with the foundations of creating, structuring and delivering any speech confidently.

Every step in the way you will observe three steps to the entire journey. Learning and Immersing yourself in the skill, with a group of people in the session. The steps are taught in a fun filled entertaining manner.

A thought provoking Brain storming session will guide you with the Organized approach. You will be encouraged to use a notebook during the brainstorming sessions.

In this course, growing in self-awareness will be made simple. We will be showing you precisely what self-awareness is; why all human beings must develop it.

The course will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of body language techniques, example demonstrations, processes, alongside an exceptional framework for driving your speaking ability.

Upon enrolling, you will receive lifetime access to all the modules of on-demand video teaching, alongside an extensive range of supplementary resources and other personal-growth success orientated exercises.

During this training, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to handle yourself on stage. With a range of demonstrations and focus on practical method and effectiveness, this quest will serve as a valuable resource for anyone who wants in-depth knowledge and understanding of the key elements of the fundamentals of PUBLIC SPEAKING.

What Will I Get ?

  • A step-by-step framework to master the art of Impromptu Communication

  • Understanding the methods and techniques through practical sessions

  • Understanding key DEFINITIONS, step-by-step fundamentals, to create an Individualized Blueprint towards becoming a successful speaker.

  • Breaking down the strategies and tools to master the art of communication

  • Acquiring the mindset and skillset of a master speaker to win any situation or conversation

  • Stacking up tools, strategies, the perfect artillery to step out of our comfort zones

  • PLUS – get access to premium one-on-one coaching session with us.

  • PLUS - get access to the premium mastermind, invitation to join our closed family


  • No prior experience or knowledge is required to join in this course.

  • Students are encouraged to take notes (for self-reflection ends only).

  • Art of Impromptu Communication course can be studied anywhere with a stable internet connection.

  • Access your Art of Impromptu Communication training course from a tablet, smartphone, or desktop

  • Sensational workbooks are included to further your learning.

  • Reach out to us over messages to connect at a deeper level

  • In case you resonate with the massive value we will highly encourage you to join our Premium Mastermind Family

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