List five things you have done over the last one week to-
(a) conserve our natural resources.
(b) increase the pressure on our natural resources.

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(a) To conserve our natural resources:

(i) Closed the water tap when not in use to save water.

(ii) Switched off the fan and lights when not in use.

(iii) Used bicycle to travel a short distance.

(iv) Grown a new plant on my balcony.

(v) Used cloth bags while going on shopping instead of plastic bag.

(b) Increase the pressure on our natural resources by:

(i) Used papers to make toys and waste them.

(ii) Kept TV on when no one is watching it.

(iii) Purchased woolen clothes made from animal skin.

(iv) Not completed the school tiffin and throw the food in dustbin.

(v) Purchased new plastic storage containers by keeping my stationary instead of reusing old ones.

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