Linux - The Productive Programmer's Best Friend

Our mission is to save Linux users from their unproductive habits.

Course Description

Our mission is to save Linux users from their unproductive habits.

And in this online course, you will learn:

  • What’s one of the best terminals to use (just a hint: you need that split screen functionality).

  • How clipboard managers memorize the things you copy, so you don’t have to.

  • How to use the greatest/biggest/most intelligent :)) console editor since humankind appeared. Yes, it’s Vim. And we’ll dive deep into its usefulness.

  • Zsh and it’s awesome oh-my-zsh framework featuring over two hundred plugins for developers and productivity seekers.

  • Extensive lessons on terminal commands: how to find and replace text, parts of text, tiny bits of text … or even non-text.

  • How to use pipes and subshells to create customized commands that automate day to day tasks.

  • And much much more.

All of this, plus:

  • The repository where you have all our scripts.

  • And an eBook containing not only all the examples mentioned but our very words and explanations (yes, including all the bad grammar you may notice through the lessons).

Jokes aside, this course is for all the programmers that are new to the Linux environment.

If you don’t know how to use sed, if you’re not that used to pipeing commands, if you use the default terminal and if you are still using BASH then this course is for you.

Join us now and double your terminal productivity!

Who this course is for:

  • System administrators
  • Developers who already know the basics of Linux and want to sharpen their skills
  • People working in the Linux command line
  • This course is not for people who are opening a terminal for the first time


  • I'll increase my terminal productivity by using Terminator, Guake and other tools

  • I'll be able to use regular expressions, pipes and subshells and external shell scripting libraries

  • I'll work with files like a vim-fu master

  • I'll increase my command line productivity (by learning how to use sed, find, tmux, network, autoenv and more)

  • I'll be able to launch a webserver, modify images and productively work with Git

  • I'll edit files without leaving the terminal, use the screen space efficiently and copy-paste like a pro

  • All in all: I will double my terminal productivity


  • You need to have prior experience in the Linux command line

  • You must have access to a Linux/Unix terminal

  • Basic programming skills are recommended (but not required)

  • Some basic shell scripting and web development knowledge make the course easier to understand

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  • Introduction to the course
  • Terminator: the ultimate terminal
  • Guake - not Quake!
  • ClipIt: copy-paste at its finest
  • Resources
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Linux - The Productive Programmer's Best Friend
This Course Includes
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  • 31 Lectures
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