Jaisalmer Fort - Overview

Jaisalmer Fort is situated on a hilltop and was built by Rawal Jaisal in 1156AD. The fort is located on Trikuta hill. In ancient times, the city served as a trade route to many places. The fort is built with yellow stone and have golden colour due to which the fort is also called Sonar Qila or the Golden Fort. Today the fort is under UNSECO World Heritage Committee.

Jaisalmer Fort


Jaisalmer is a beautiful city that is situated in Indian state Rajasthan. The city was founded in 1156 by Maharaja Jaisal and due to his name the city came to be known as Jaisalmer. The city is situated nearby Thar Desert and the buildings are made up of yellow sandstone. The city has forts, palaces, Jain and Hindu temples and many other structures that the tourists can visit.

Jaisalmer City

Visiting Hours

Jaisalmer fort is opened for public at 9:00am and closed at 5:00pm. It takes around two to four hours to visit the whole fort. The fort is opened on all days of the week including government or public holidays.


Tourists have to pay an entry fee to visit the fort. Indians have to pay Rs. 30 while foreigners have to pay Rs. 70 to visit the fort. If the tourists want to carry still and video camera, they have to pay extra charges. Indians have to pay Rs. 50 for carrying either of the cameras whereas foreigners have to pay Rs. 50 for still and Rs. 150 for video camera.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Jaisalmer is from the month of November to March. These months have pleasant climate but December and January are very cold. The period from April to August is very hot and September hand October have humid climate. Though there is very little rainfall in Jaisalmer but this causes humidity.

Where to Stay?

There are around 461 hotels in Jaisalmer where tourists can stay. The cost of staying in the hotel ranges from inexpensive cheap hotels to expensive five-star hotels. Besides these, there are luxury hotels and resorts where the tourists can stay. Some of these hotels are as follows −

  • Five-Star Hotels

    • Hotel Jaisalkot located at Kuldhara Turn Off Sam Road

    • Jaisalmer Marriot Resort and Spa Jaisalmer-Sam-Dhanana Road, Police Line, Police Lines

  • Four-Star Hotels

    • Chokhi Dhani The Palace located at Chokhi Dhani, Barmer Link

    • Hotel Rang Mahal located at 5, Hotel Complex, Post Box No. 50, Sam Road

    • Tao’s Lakshmana Desert’s Camp located at Lakshmana Desert. near Sam Sand Dunes

    • Hotel Rawalkot located at Jaisalmer Jodhpur Highway

    • Hotel Priya located at opposite Collector’s C.V.S. Colony

  • Three-Star Hotels

    • Hotel Golden Haveli located at Bera Road

    • Gaji Hotel located at Sunset Point, Kalakar Colony

    • Hotel Moonlight located at Opposite Head Post Office Hanuman Circle

    • Hotel Akash Deep located at Hanuman Circle Bus Stand

  • Two-Star Hotels

    • Kalyan Beacon Hotel located at Gandhi Chowk

    • Golden City located at opposite SBI Bank

    • Hotel Apollo Jaisalmer located at opposite SBI Bank, Madarsah Road

    • Hotel Jeet Villa locate at C.V.S. Colony near Hanuman Circle

  • One-Star Hotels

    • Hotel Leela Kunj located at Bhatia Bagechi, Hanuman Circle

    • Hotel Pusp Mahal located at opposite Railway Station

    • Hotel Raj Mandir located at Kotri Para

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