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Inner Circle 26 and 27

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Inner Circle 26 and 27

Dissect Your Fake Realities

updated on icon Updated on Feb, 2024

language icon Language - English

person icon Guaranteed Prosperity

category icon MINDSET,Personal Development,Personal Transformation

Lectures -37

Duration -3.5 hours



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Course Description

The Inner Circle is an exclusive, paying, advanced group of students that holds bi-monthly webinars with Meir. These lessons are taken from those exclusive webinars.

After delivering these powerful lessons, Meir recognized just how important it is for everyone to know this vital data.

He knew that it is too important - especially in today's world - to be limited to the Inner Circle exclusive group. That is why he decided to make them available to anyone and everyone. 

Completely FREE!

In the first lesson, Meir takes a viral video that seems absolutely amazing and dissects it. Once you look inside you will see that under the beautiful exterior, there are mounds of fake realities installed within it. It is rotten at the core.

In the second one, we look at an important historical video and compare it to today's world. See what has changed, what has stayed the same, and what we can learn.

We then take a step back to look at what is really going on behind the scenes today and what your freedom has to do with it.

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What will you learn in this course:

  • Find out the only time failure can happen.
  • Learn what happens before you crash.
  • What stops you from perceiving?
  • Understand what goes on when you fail to handle the physical universe.
  • Why won’t people demonstrate their abilities?
  • What is the actual purpose in school?
  • Understand what leadership is.
  • The difference between educated people and uneducated people.
  • Look at people who don’t have knowledge.
  • How are people becoming robots?
  • Discover the insanity around you. 
  • Understand what stops you from seeing.
  • The importance of the definition of words.
  • Look at how you become a parrot.
  • Find out what happens when basic education is taken away.
  • Know when someone wants to make another wrong.
  • What defines the way you look at yourself?
  • How do you fix anyone?
  • The reason you play a game.
  • Undo the history of the physical universe.
    And much more!


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • No prerequisites.
Inner Circle 26 and 27


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Part 26
16 Lectures
  • play icon Agreements & Introduction 03:48 03:48
  • play icon Observe The Video For Yourself 07:03 07:03
  • play icon Dissect The Video 07:44 07:44
  • play icon What You Need To Know About Failure 05:26 05:26
  • play icon The Real Why And False Why 05:27 05:27
  • play icon Leadership And Education 04:36 04:36
  • play icon Is Knowledge Or Creativity More Important? 06:59 06:59
  • play icon The Blind Is Leading The Blind 06:31 06:31
  • play icon The Problem Is Growing 07:25 07:25
  • play icon Too Much Nonsense 03:00 03:00
  • play icon A New Viewpoint 06:57 06:57
  • play icon Total Control 07:02 07:02
  • play icon The Global Situation 25:12 25:12
  • play icon The Handling 08:04 08:04
  • play icon Q & A 06:15 06:15
  • play icon Wins! 04:44 04:44
Part 27
21 Lectures

Instructor Details

Guaranteed Prosperity

Guaranteed Prosperity

Guaranteeing Your Prosperity

Meir Ezra is a spiritual entrepreneur - a unique combination of business with spirituality. Meir believes that if you focus on money only, your life will never be a true success, because what is money good for without love, personal fulfillment and growth across all areas of life? Additionally, practicing spirituality only, with no ties to money, will never lead to true success - because enlightenment without being able to pay your bills, going hungry, or amassing debt simply isn't true success either.


Meir's combination of both led him to achieve much true success in his life... Israeli born and raised, after completing six years in a top unit in the Israeli submarines, Meir went to travel the Far East, including hiking through the Himalayas. 


Meir then moved to South Africa, where he established his company which grew to $100 million within 3 years by the age of 31. He went on to establish multiple companies across the globe, has many inventions and patents to his name and has invested in countless businesses.


Meir is a philanthropist - involved in various community projects ranging from getting people off drugs to helping children learn, and has has donated millions of dollars to charitable organizations.


He has been married for 35 years, has 3 beautiful children, enjoys kite surfing, latin-style dancing, and to write music and sing.

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