Indicate whether the following statements are True (T) or False (F).
(a) Unicellular organisms have one-celled body. (T/F)
(b) Muscle cells branched. (T/F)
(c) The basic living unit of an organism is an organ. (T/F)
(d) Amoeba has irregular shape. (T/F)

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Correct Answer:

(a) Unicellular organisms have a one-celled body. True

(b) Muscle cells branched. False

(c) The basic living unit of an organism is an organ. False

(d) Amoeba has irregular shape. True


Muscle cells are usually unbranched.

The basic unit of a living organism is a cell.

A cell is the basic building block of an organism. It contains various sub-cellular organelles performing various functions required for the growth and survival of an organism. Hence, according to cell theory, all living organisms are made up of one or more cells.

Viruses are the only living organisms that do not have cells. Non-living things do not need any such processes as they do not grow, or reproduce.

Therefore, cells are the basic structural units of living organisms.

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