How to lose weight fast naturally?

First of all, know your weight according to your height and age. Now fix the target and display it on a poster in your room so that it encourages you to shed more weight. It’s better not to share this resolution with others as that would affect your enthusiasm.

Losing weight is what you must decide and stick to till the end of that period. So, know what you are having and plan your diet accordingly. Have a check on the calories of your present intake. This might be usually a bit lower than what you think you are having. So, make it some round figure.

Bend Your Body

The modern-day works involve less physical activities where you don’t get a chance to shed off enough calories while working. Plan to clean your car or scrub your floor or tiles etc. for at least once or twice a week, as scrubbing for 30 minutes helps you lose nearly 120 calories. Along with these, it’s better to keep a habit of simple exercises.

  • Brisk morning walks of 45 mins daily, will keep your health in control.
  • Use stairs instead of elevators or escalators. Allot at least 10 minutes a day, to use stairs.
  • Walk for 10 minutes for every two hours, instead of sitting continuously while at the office.

Watch What You Eat

It is well-known that fried items, sweets, and preserved foods increase your fat content and body weight. On the contrary, boiled and home-cooked foods, fiber-rich, and water-content foods are stomach filling and healthy as well. It is always better to eat food as soon as cooked as the stored food does not carry any health contents anymore. Have a cereal filled breakfast as it contains more fiber and calcium with less fat.

Keep In Mind

Keep control of yourself by reminding your targets. Get a buddy who is weight conscious and write what you eat, so as to have an idea of the calorie intake. Keep drinks and snacks out of reach. Decrease the hours of watching TV and couching. Craving due to boredom, nervousness, frustration, or having just like that also increases weight and hence keep yourself busy. Wait to have, until your stomach rumbles for food. Sniff some aromatic food to have a satiated feel. Stop late-night snacking and avoid over-sized coffee mugs and large popcorn buckets near you. Also, brush after dinner to avoid food craving.