How Hackers Find SQL Injections in Minutes with Sqlmap

Learn About the Most Powerful Tool for Automated SQL Injection Detection and Exploitation

  Dawid Czagan

   IT & Software, Network & Security, Ethical Hacking, Bug Bounty, Penetration Testing

  Language - English

   Published on 03/2022



Automated SQL injection detection and exploitation has never been easier! This course will teach you how ethical hackers and professional penetration testers find SQL injections in minutes with Sqlmap and how you can do the same to protect your web applications. First, you will learn about the basics of this tool. Then, I will show you how to dump database table entries with Sqlmap. After that, you will explore how to install a backdoor with Sqlmap and how to go from SQL injection to remote code execution. Then, you will see how to maximize the power of SQL injection detection with this tool. Finally, you will learn how to use tamper scripts in this tool to bypass web application firewalls (WAF). By the end of the course, you will know how to automatically detect and exploit SQL injection vulnerabilities with Sqlmap.

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn about the most powerful tool for automated SQL injection detection and exploitation

  • Dump database tables entries with one simple command

  • Install a backdoor and become the master of a vulnerable machine

  • Bypass web application firewalls (WAFs)

  • Discover how to go from SQL injection to remote code execution

  • Maximize the power of SQL injection detection with sqlmap

  • ...and more


  • Basic hacking skills

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