How Computers Work - P1

The Processor - Part 1


If you work in the Technology industry or plan to, and do not have an Electrical Engineering or Computer Science background, How Computers Work  P1 (57 minutes) and How Computers Work  P2 (53 minutes) could be the most valuable training of your career.

Learning how a computer works provides numerous advantages to the technology professional:

  • Familiarity with terminology and concepts that could be a complete enigma.
  • The ability to communicate more effectively, gain credibility, and influence others.
  • Improved technical program and project management capability.
  • New career path options that might otherwise not be available.
  • Technical understanding upon which additional knowledge can be built.

 Professionals in the Technology industry can now learn how a computer works quickly:

  • The fields of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science are incredibly broad and incredibly deep.
  • This training provides just the right detail about just the right topics and can be completed in ~2 hours.

If you want to understand how a computer works quickly to gain a significant competitive advantage, you will want to complete this unique learning experience.


  • Learn just enough about Electricity, Transistors, Logic Gates, and Binary Numbers to understand Processor Building Blocks (e.g. Clock, Cache, Controller).
  • Learn what each Processor Building Block does to understand Instruction Execution which is the primary function of every computer.
  • Learn Instruction Execution to understand what every Processor does and a few key details about two example Processors.
  • Learn what Software actually is and some of what it does as well as how to learn more about Software.


  • No pre requisites are required.  You will learn everything you need to know.
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How Computers Work - P1
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