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Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer

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Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer

Ace the Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer - GCP (ACE) Certification

updated on icon Updated on Jun, 2024

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English [CC]

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Lectures -58

Duration -4 hours



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Course Description

Google offered GCP as a suite of public cloud computing services. A variety of hosted services for computing, storage, and application development are included on the platform and are powered by the Google platform.

GCP provides cloud management, security, and developer tools in addition to services for computing, storage, networking, big data, machine learning, and IoT (Internet of Things). Google Compute Engine is one of many cloud computing platforms; it offers IaaS services and gives users access to virtual machine instances for hosting workloads.

Software developers have access to Google's scalable hosting via the PaaS service, Google App Engine. Large unstructured data collections can be stored on Google Cloud Storage.

Google's public cloud uses the Google Container Engine, a management and orchestration tool for Docker containers. GCP is accessible in 61 zones and 20 regions as of 2019. Users can use regions to deploy cloud resources in a particular area. Every region is a separate geographic area made up of zones.

Google Cloud Certified Associate Course Overview

This course on the Google Cloud platform covers all concepts found in the Google Cloud platform. Storage services, Big data management, machine learning, IoT, security, and development tools are available together with the creation and maintenance of virtual machines and different computing engines.

Computing, storage and databases, networking, big data, cloud artificial intelligence, management tools, identity and security, IOT, and API platforms are just a few of the goods offered by GCP. GCP is a component of Google Cloud, which also comprises G-suite and the GCP public cloud infrastructure. This course aids in passing exams that aid in landing decent jobs.


  • Complete understanding of the Google Cloud Platform for Google Associate Cloud Engineer Certification
  • Description of how to use GCP
  • GCP certification / Google Cloud platform certification
  • Overview of GCP billing
  • Description of compute engine in GCP
  • Description of App engine in GCP
  • Overview of cloud functions
  • Virtual machine configuration details
  • Different guidelines for planning a VM and attaching GPU
  • Overview of managing Kubernetes
  • Concept of planning storage in the cloud
  • Configuring filestore and SQL connection with VM
  • Configuring big query and big table
  • Different GCP tools


  • Basic knowledge of telecom
Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer
57 Lectures
  • play icon Google cloud Platform interface 02:15 02:15
  • play icon How GCP organizes Projects & accounts 04:55 04:55
  • play icon Creating project in GCP 07:17 07:17
  • play icon GCP Billing 06:03 06:03
  • play icon How to enable API in GCP 02:25 02:25
  • play icon Compute engine in GCP 06:41 06:41
  • play icon VM's in project 03:25 03:25
  • play icon Users privileges to create VM instances 06:33 06:33
  • play icon Preemptive VM's 03:27 03:27
  • play icon Custom machine type 04:13 04:13
  • play icon Application engine in GCP 05:44 05:44
  • play icon Kubernetes engine introduction 04:56 04:56
  • play icon Kubernetes engine in GCP 03:26 03:26
  • play icon Cloud functions 02:24 02:24
  • play icon Creating a VM 05:49 05:49
  • play icon VM configuration details 08:15 08:15
  • play icon Basic VM management 09:46 09:46
  • play icon Monitoring a VM 02:02 02:02
  • play icon Guidelines for planning VM 01:51 01:51
  • play icon Attaching GPU to an instance 04:27 04:27
  • play icon Snapshots and images 04:37 04:37
  • play icon Kubernetes engine 08:35 08:35
  • play icon Creating kubernetes cluster 06:48 06:48
  • play icon Connecting cluster 02:07 02:07
  • play icon Monitoring kubernetes part 1 02:02 02:02
  • play icon Monitoring kubernetes part 2 05:09 05:09
  • play icon Monitoring kubernetes part 3 02:32 02:32
  • play icon Managing pods 04:33 04:33
  • play icon Services in kubernetes 01:57 01:57
  • play icon Container Registry 01:50 01:50
  • play icon Computing with App engine 04:35 04:35
  • play icon Computing with cloud functions 04:23 04:23
  • play icon Planning storage in the cloud 07:46 07:46
  • play icon Creating a bucket 03:10 03:10
  • play icon Bucket settings 04:51 04:51
  • play icon Configuring Cloud SQL 08:37 08:37
  • play icon Configuring Postgre SQL 01:31 01:31
  • play icon Configuring cloud spanner 02:37 02:37
  • play icon Configuring Big query 02:51 02:51
  • play icon Configuring Datastore 04:05 04:05
  • play icon Configuring Cloud firestore 02:29 02:29
  • play icon Configuring Bigtable 02:03 02:03
  • play icon Guidelines for choosing storage solution 02:15 02:15
  • play icon Configuring Cloud dataproc 04:11 04:11
  • play icon Configuring filestore 04:19 04:19
  • play icon Configuring cloud pub sub 03:15 03:15
  • play icon Loading data into storage 03:11 03:11
  • play icon Importing & Exporting data- cloud SQL 06:35 06:35
  • play icon SQL connection with VM 01:55 01:55
  • play icon Networking in the cloud 06:06 06:06
  • play icon Network services 03:25 03:25
  • play icon Stackdriver in GCP 02:13 02:13
  • play icon Configuring IAM 03:24 03:24
  • play icon GCP tools 04:10 04:10
  • play icon GCP introduction 07:47 07:47
  • play icon GCP services 04:02 04:02
  • play icon Storage components of GCP 04:27 04:27

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