Golden Temple - How to Reach?

Amritsar is connected to various cities of India through a good network of road and rail transport. Amritsar also has its airport which connects the city to many Indian cities as well as cities of different countries.

Golden Temple Map

Some of the cities with their distance from Amritsar is as follows −

  • Amritsar to Chandigarh

    • By air – 207km

    • By rail – 248km

    • By road – 233km

  • Amritsar to Jalandhar

    • By air – 73km

    • By rail – 79km

    • By road – 82km

  • Amritsar to Ambala

    • By air – 228km

    • By rail – 250km

    • By road – 250km

  • Amritsar to Delhi

    • By air – 399km

    • By rail – 448km to 514km(depends on the route taken by train)

    • By road – 451km

  • Amritsar to Mathura

    • By air – 533km

    • By rail – 590km

    • By road – 615km

  • Amritsar to Agra

    • By air – 578km

    • By rail – 635km

    • By road – 675km

  • Amritsar to Saharanpur

    • By air – 312km

    • By rail – 325km

    • By road – 341km

  • Amritsar to Ludhiana

    • By air – 126km

    • By rail – 136km

    • By road – 147km

By Air

Raja Sansi International or Sree Guru Radas Jee International is the airport which is 11km away from Amritsar. There are number of flights to many Indian as well as foreign cities. Some of the major cities connected to Amritsar by air are Delhi, Srinagar, Dubai London etc.

By Air Golden Temple

By Train

Amritsar is well-connected to many cities by train. Many trains start from and terminate at Amritsar. There are few trains which have stoppages at Amritsar and they go further to other destinations. The trains that come to Amritsar are Shatabdi, Janshatabdi, and Garib Rath express. Besides these, many fast and superfast trains also have stoppage here.

By Train Golden Temple

By Road

Amritsar is well-connected to the nearby cities by road transport as Grand Trunk Road passes by the city. Regular bus services are available to Delhi, Dalhousie, Ambala and many other cities. People can catch buses from Amritsar depot to reach their destination.

By Road Golden Temple

Local Transport

People can move around Amritsar through auto and cycle rickshaws which are very cheap mode of local transport. Free bus service is also there from railway station to Golden Temple which is arranged by Golden Temple Trust. Amritsar also has car rental companies from where tourists can hire a car to move locally as well as around Amritsar.

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