Facial recognition using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV

Learn how to detect the human faces and eyes in any image and build your own image puzzle using Python

  Venkatesh Varadachari

   IT & Software, Hardware, Raspberry Pi

  Language - English

   Published on 06/2022



This course is for anyone who is interested in exploring Digital Image Processing using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV.  The course requires basic knowledge of Python programming and Linux commands and obviously your interest in programming.

In this course, we are going to use OpenCV libraries to explore facial recognition feature. OpenCV is an open source C++ library for image processing and computer vision, originally developed by Intel and now supported by Willow Garage.

It is free for both commercial and non-commercial use. Therefore it is not mandatory for your OpenCV applications to be open or free.

It is a library of many inbuilt functions mainly aimed at real-time image processing. I am going to teach you how to track faces in the image you have captured using Webcam or any other device. We will also locate and count the faces present in the image.

In the next project, I will teach you how to program in Python and OpenCV to detect and highlight the eyes of the persons along with the face present in the picture. 

Going forward, I will also cover the machine learning based project in which I will create Image puzzle using python programming and OpenCV. This will be a picture-based puzzle where you can search a small section of the image inside a bigger image.

I will guide you step by step how to go about building these projects. I will also share the source code with you so that you can replicate the project by yourself.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to build a project on Digital Image Processing using OpenCV
  • The course is for anyone who is interested in exploring software projects using Raspberry Pi
  • Tech enthusiasts who wants to explore facial recognition using the mini computer Raspberry Pi

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn how to program using Python and OpenCV to detect the human faces present in an image

  • Get to know how to take multiple snapshots by programming your webcam and passing the number as arguments

  • Learn how to code using Python program to detect faces as well as eyes in an image

  • Learn how to build an image puzzle and search a small section of an image in the entire photo


  • Basic knowledge of Python and Linux commands

  • Raspberry Pi (any model)

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