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Excel Analytics - Data Analysis with Pivot-Tables and Charts

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Excel Analytics - Data Analysis with Pivot-Tables and Charts

Learn Data Analysis from A to First Project with Pivot-Tables, Pivot-Charts and Advanced Formulas All In One Course.

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English [CC]

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Course Description

Microsoft Excel is a remarkable tool that's useful to many businesses around the world and it is one of many tools in Microsoft 365 Office which includes other tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Word however don't be mistaken for Google Sheets as it is a similar tool to Excel

Many do use Microsoft Excel in Data Analysis or Data Analytics due to its easy-to-understand environment and spreadsheet capabilities, Moreover, It has many great features such as Pivot-Tables and Pivot-Charts which are 2 great tools to analyze data and visualize data.

In addition to its function collections exceeding 400+ functions, Excel Formulas are great as they help execute easy and complex operations, which can be great in achieving the job and saving time.

You will learn many excel formulas during the course starting with Data Cleansing formulas such as TRIM, UPPER, lower, and more to more advanced formulas such as IF, Count, LOOKUP Family, and More.

During the course you will learn the whole process of Data Analysis from A to Z and apply Excel Training through Quizzes, Practice Tests, and Final Project Assignment:

1- Data

Data Analysis surely starts with Data, Hence, During Section 1, You will learn

  • What's Data? Starting with its definition up to categories and qualities

  • What are the Data Types in Excel?

  • How to find a dataset?

  • How to Navigate through a dataset?

  • How to Autofil Data in Excel?

2- Data Cleansing

Data Cleansing is the process of clearing a dataset from any duplicates, blanks, or inconsistencies and making sure your dataset contains quality data

  • What are the traits of quality data?

  • How to identify duplicates and blanks?

  • Essential excel formulas (TRIM, UPPER, lower, Proper, Substitute, Concatenation)

  • Filter and Sort Features

  • How to change Data Types

  • Text to Column

  • How to Format data as a table?

3- Data Manipulation

Data Manipulation is the process of manipulating data to extract relevant and key information from your dataset

  • Statistical Formulas or Functions (Mean, Median, Mode, Min, Max, Average)

  • Data Manipulation formulas (SUM, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP)


4- Analyze Data

Stage 4 is analyzing data using Pivot-Tables to gain more insights by creating a pivot table based on different rows/columns/filters and calculations

  • Introduction to Pivot-tables to understand what it is and why it is important

  • How to create a Pivot-Table?

  • How to Format Data in a Pivot-Table?

  • How to apply calculations on data in a Pivot-Table?

  • How to Sort Data in a Pivot-Table?

  • What are Slicers? How to use them and Why they are important?

  • How to create automated recommended Pivot-Tables?

5- Data Visualization

Data Visualization, This is the final stage where you get to present your insights and analysis using Charts and Graphs, Charts are important as each Chart Type could identify hidden patterns and trends

  • Introduction to important Chart Types such as (Bar Charts, Column Charts, Line Charts, Combo Charts, Pie Charts, and Doughnut Charts)

  • How to create a Pivot-Chart?

  • How to Apply a Slicer to a Pivot-Chart?

  • How to Manually Style your Pivot-Chart?

6- Final Project (Step-by-Step)

In the final section of the course, we will run through a hands-on data analysis project where you will make use of the knowledge you have gained throughout the course.

This course is complete as you will learn all that you need to get your hands dirty in the field of Data Analysis, You will obtain the important intellectual and technical skills to start your first project.

No Experience is required.


  • Write advanced formulas including lookup functions and Dynamic Arrays.

  • Get used to the course content by practicing through the different assignments included in the course.

  • A Full Project guidance step-by-step on a real-life databaset

  • How to analyze any data step by step

  • Understand How spreadsheets can be used as a data analysis tool.

  • Gain an immersive understanding of Data (Defination, Categories, Types and Qualities).

  • Understand the differences between Big Data and Traditional Data.

  • Easy Guidance on how to find free datasets for practice.

  • Obtain Knowledge on Data Clearning (Importance and different methods of Data Cleaning).

  • Obtain Knowledge on Data Manipulation (How to extract information out of a dataset).

  • How to use Pivot-Tables and gain an undestanding of its different features.

  • Learn the different types of charts and how to use them properly.


  • Microsoft Excel 2014 and Above

  • For Mac Users, You might find a different interface when it comes to Pivot-Table Panel

Excel Analytics - Data Analysis with Pivot-Tables and Charts


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Getting Started
7 Lectures
  • play icon Excel Analytics Preview 00:35 00:35
  • play icon Introduction 12:09 12:09
  • play icon What's Data? 06:12 06:12
  • play icon Excel Data Types 01:39 01:39
  • play icon Auto-Filling 05:18 05:18
  • play icon Data Navigation 03:35 03:35
  • play icon How to find a free dataset? 02:46 02:46
Data Cleansing
13 Lectures
Data Manipulation
10 Lectures
Data Analysis with Pivot-Tables
7 Lectures
Data Visualization (Charts and Graphs)
7 Lectures
Final Project (Step-By-Step)
3 Lectures

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