Transformational Leadership

8 Paradigm-Shifting Interviews from Business Matters

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This book is a collection of top interviews selected from the vast array of the Business Matters podcast.  Hosted by Thomas White, CEO and Founder of TRNSFORM,  internationally renowned guests speak on service, teachings and the motivations in our global economy and commerce that impact all the way through to local businesses. 

As with any and all interviews, under the newly-minted Heart of Business programming, the goal is to inform and help educate the public on what can help transform minds and spirits forward in inspirational growth - improving individuals as well as the world we interact.   

The models of profit at all cost and ignoring the consequences of business decisions are failing. Leaders face a world unlike anything they are prepared for. The surest way to success is by leading their organizations with purpose and values that address the concerns of all stakeholders. 

 Eight guests give insights on how to lead in a way that is authentic, thoughtful, innovative, and purposeful. These lessons are time tested and will be relevant for many years to come. Anyone, no matter their role in business, will find that what our guests offer will help them in living a life of more meaning and fulfillment.

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Transformational Leadership
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