The Ultimate Guide To The GoPro Hero 10 EBook

GoPro Hero 10

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The Ultimate Guide to the GoPro Hero 10

Become a GoPro Expert with a former member of the GoPro Media Team! I traveled around the world with GoPro Media shooting GoPro commercials, YouTube videos and launch reels and now I will share what I learned with you. This book will teach you the best settings, modes and mounts as well as some basic film making, storytelling and photography skills to make your GoPro content look as good as possible!

Learn how to use the GoPro Hero 10 like a pro!

Take incredible photos, shoot exciting videos and make great edits with this book!

This book will fully explain each setting, mode and option. After reading it, you will completely understand how each setting effects the footage and how to set up the camera for any unique situation. You will be given real life, in-the-field examples of when to use each setting and how to get amazing footage. After you have mastered the mechanics of the camera, this book will teach you how to use it in the field with an in depth look into beginner and advanced mounting, photo composition, planning and more. Extensive storytelling and editing sections will help you master the art of filmmaking as well.

Full of stunning and inspirational photos to show you what is possible with the camera.

This book is the stepping stone from casual user to GoPro expert filmmaker or photographer. Take your photos and videos to the next level!


Become a GoPro expert!

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The Ultimate Guide To The GoPro Hero 10 EBook
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