Quick Guide for 3ds Max Design

How To Use Basic Tools and Commands To Produce Rendered Image Stills

About the Book

This tutorial does not intend to master the software from scratch; it is recommended for intermediate and advanced users or those whose in need of a quick consultation concerning a certain tool or task. Therefore, it is a good idea to have some knowledge about the basics of the program before diving into the e-Book.

However, this guide is great for a quick and concise reference concerning the fundamental commands. Additionally, it could be useful for just a rapid reminder of the sequence of tasks needed to achieve our goal. For instance, we can say that after a period of not using the program, we might need a “memory refresher” to connect again with the software. Due to the huge number of various tools included within, it is not surprising to feel disturbed and ambiguous.

At those specific moments, “Short Guide for 3ds Max Design” will be your best savior!


For students with primary or little knowledge concerning the software, this course should have been a big help to fix their issues or generate the best solution for their ideas or import them from an external source.

After course completion, students should be able to:

  • Work on some modifications to the basic model
  • Apply materials easily and with confidence
  • Add standard lights to the scene
  • Setup the scene for render

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Quick Guide for 3ds Max Design
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