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Focus 5

A Practical Guide for Career Growth


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Pages : 102

ISBN : 978-81-927338-4-5

Edition : Second Edition

Language : English

About the Book

Book description

“Focus 5”, book is an attempt to share some practical experiences on various general management topics. The topics outlined here are intended mainly for the beginners who are starting their career. Besides, these topics will be useful for management students as well as to get further inputs on corporate world experience. Penning down these thoughts also provided me a great learning opportunity, which enhanced my thinking process and writing skills. 

The objective of writing this book is to tell the world that “Anything is possible if you determine to achieve it”. In 1983 when I came to Bangalore, the language factor caused me to struggle hard to understand what others are saying. The problem was aggravated in situations where I had to respond, especially when the conversation was in English. Many of my associates advised me to pack up and go back to the village. Their advice was for my betterment; however, I took it as a challenge to face the unfavorable odds. That determination yielded results which facilitated me to present this book to my esteemed readers. Enjoy reading the book and share your feedback to rrkrishnan.ram@outlook.com. 


  • The prime Goal of this book is pass the message "We all have powers to make impossible to possible". 
  • If I have achieved anyone can achieve it as well. 
  • In each of the topics, I have attempted to provide the key “Focus 5”-points that one needs to remember.
  • In fact, I fully agree with you, if you find more than these 5 points that may be required. 
  • However, if one focuses on these 5 points to start with, I am sure it will bring momentum and will motivate them to go further. 
  • The insights presented here are the result of manifold efforts combined with large-scale interaction and life experiences.
Focus 5

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Ram Ramakrishnan

Ram Ramakrishnan

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