ECMAScript 2022

The Definitive Guide to Modern JavaScript

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JavaScript is indubitably one of the most important programming languages today. Not only is it the standard programming language for modern browsers; its use at the back end (Node.js) is gaining popularity fast. Even mobile apps, desktop applications, and games for various platforms can be coded in JavaScript. It is, in fact, the most tagged technology in StackOverflow, the popular online discussion forum for programmers.

ES13 was finalized in June 2022. This book:

  • effectively teaches standard JavaScript from A to Z.
  • includes all the JavaScript common APIs, presented in a highly organized fashion.
  • lists the new features introduced in each JavaScript edition from ES5 to ES13 and illustrates all of them.
  • clearly explains advanced concepts such as closures, Proxy, generators, Promise, async functions, and Atomics.
  • covers OOP techniques -- classical JavaScript OOP, the new 'class' syntax, data encapsulation, multiple inheritance, abstract classes, object relay etc.
  • teaches you how to define and use iterators and various iterables.
  • turns you into an efficient JavaScript coder.

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  • Master the most popular programming language now!
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Chong Lip Phang is a seasoned web and mobile app developer in Malaysia. He has been writing computing books for the past 10 years. The mobile game he created, Quiz Jungle, features multiplayer quiz games on various subjects. In the game, all the animals talk, interact with one another, and have intelligence literally. One of the books he published, Mastering Front-End Web Development, has won seven awards from Book Authority.

ECMAScript 2022
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