Concise Computer Course (With Youtube AV)

Elementary introduction to working of computers, in Hindi

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This comprehensive series with step-by-step instructions and relevant screenshots throughout the text enables readers to have a better understanding of computers. Written in simple and lucid language, without technical jargons, each book of this series is accompanied by an interactive CD/DVD with video tutorials. This is one book that covers everything a beginner needs to know about computers. You will learn things like setting up a new computer; connecting to the Internet; working with digital media; burning custom CDs; watching movies; using Microsoft Office and other popular software; setting up home networks; keeping PCs running reliably; and protecting them from spam, viruses, and spyware, etc. V&S Publishers.

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Concise Computer Course (With Youtube AV)
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  • Pages 305
  • ISBN 9789350574041
  • Language English

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