computer Hardware Maintenance

Everything you know to become a Computer hardware and software Technician.

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There are lots of computer system around us. All the jobs are depended on computer. Whether laptop or desktop computer, basic knowledge is essentials. If we have a required knowledge of any computer systems, we can find the fault very easily and can rectify it very quickly. We don’t need to pay for the technician to fix the issue. Without spending a cash penny you can repair the system very easily. This course will provide you with the knowledge of Desktop computer hardware . Computer motherboard block diagrams are detailed. System memory, primary memory and secondary memory covered, Switch Mode Power Supply {SMPS}, Motherboard details are available. You will learn how computer motherboard works and the peripherals are connected .SMPS power supply and its pin outs are briefed. All connectors and headers are covered. Front panel connectors and power switch details can be learned. Repair your own computer with confident and those need extra knowledge about the desktop computer systems can enroll in this course.

                                             By having knowledge about computer hardware one can Start your own repair shop or can repair your own computers. Students having additional knowledge of computer hardware , can perform well in their academical level and can earn lots of respect from the school mates and the teachers.


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Hi there,   I am ingelbert from India. I am an Electronics and Hardware service engineer and training Faculty. I have more than 15 years of experience as a service engineer. I have experience in the field of repairing and Maintaining Desktop Computers, Laptop Computers, Mobile phones, Tablets, LED LCD Tv etc.

computer Hardware  Maintenance
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