Building SPAs with Django and HTML Over the Wire

Building SPAs with Django and HTML Over the Wire

About the Book

Discover how to construct real-time applications with Python and Django without the hassle of learning JavaScript

Key Features

  • Learn to put together an SPA using Python and very little JavaScript
  • Create WebSocket communication between the backend and frontend
  • Build a real-world project with Django using the techniques provided in this book

Book Description

The HTML over WebSockets approach simplifies single-page application (SPA) development and lets you bypass learning a JavaScript rendering framework such as React, Vue, or Angular, moving the logic to Python. This web application development book provides you with all the Django tools you need to simplify your developments with real-time results.

You’ll learn state-of-the-art WebSocket techniques to realize real-time applications with minimal reliance on JavaScript. This book will also show you how to create a project with Docker from the ground up, test it, and deploy it on a server. You’ll learn how to create a project, add Docker, and discover development libraries, Django channels, and bidirectional communication, and from then, on you’ll create real projects of all kinds using HTML over WebSockets as a chat app or a blog with real-time comments. In addition, you’ll modernize your development techniques by moving from using an SSR model to creating web pages using WebSockets over HTML. With Django, you’ll be able to create SPAs with professional real-time projects where the logic is in Python.

By the end of this Django book, you’ll be able to build real-time applications, as well as gaining a solid understanding of WebSockets with Django.

What you will learn

  • Explore real-time site realization
  • Understand the proper use of Django channels
  • Find out how to set up Docker with Django
  • Discover how to use a JavaScript framework such as Stimulus
  • Manage a database asynchronously in Django
  • Bring dynamic rendering logic to the backend

Who this book is for

This book is for developers looking to build applications where they want to bring logic to the backend, learn WebSockets, and not depend on JavaScript heavily to create a single-page application. Basic knowledge of HTML and Python and familiarity with basic web development concepts is expected.

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Building SPAs with Django and HTML Over the Wire
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