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Ansible For Windows By Examples

person icon Luca Berton

Ansible For Windows By Examples

50+ Automation Examples For Windows System Administrator And DevOps


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Formats : PDF, EPUB (Downlodable)

Pages : 227

ISBN : 978-80-908536-0-7

Edition : First Edition

Language : English

About the Book

Book description

Ansible is a popular open-source IT automation technology for scripting applications in a wide variety of domains.

It is free, portable, powerful, and remarkably easy and fun to use.

This book is a tool to learn the Ansible automation technology with some real-life examples.

Whether you are new to automation or a professional automation engineer, this book's goal is to bring you up to speed on the fundamentals of the core Ansible language.

Every successful IT department needs automation nowadays for bare metal servers, virtual machines, could, containers, and edge computing. Automate your IT journey with Ansible automation technology.

I'm going to teach you, example by example, how to accomplish the most common System Administrator tasks.

You will start with installing Ansible in Windows 10 and Windows 11 and using the most command package manager and archives.

Each of the 50+ lessons summarizes a module: from the most important parameter to some live demo of code and real-life usage. Each code is battle-proved in real life. Console interaction and verification are included in every video. Mundane activities like installing software, verifying a system are up-to-date, rebooting a server, installing Google Chrome, and copying files from the local controller to a remote system could be automated with some lines of code. These are only some of the long lists included in the course.

Some Ansible codes are usable in all Windows systems, and some are specific to Windows Server.

The Ansible troubleshooting lessons teach you how to read the error message, how to reproduce it, and the process of troubleshooting and resolution.

 Are you ready to automate your day with Ansible?


  • Many Windows System Administrators struggle with Ansible; I created this book course that gives you copy-and-paste Playbook code and solves the most common errors you could use to save daily time.
Ansible For Windows By Examples

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Luca Berton

Luca Berton

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